A Theory as to why Wenger will not just walk away from The Arsenal?

Why Stay?

It is not often I am moved to write a blog, I tend to just tweet my thoughts on all things Arsenal. However I’ve been having a few chats with my dad (a supporter of nigh on 60 years and the person I blame wholeheartedly for afflicting me with the Arsenal bug), and we’ve been discussing why Wenger just doesn’t give it up, for his own sanity if for no other reason.

I have a theory, which is probably wrong and in no way can be proven. It is also likely to draw out the more aggressive faction of the WOB contingent (the ones that wish harm on the ‘senile old fool’), and I am fully prepared for the ‘women shouldn’t talk about football’ mob to start on me.

Before I get to the ‘theory’ (it is not so much a theory as a musing actually), I want to go over a few reasons why Wenger stays in the opinion of various groups of fans.



Some say it is for his ego and/or the money. They firmly believe he thinks he has ‘become’ Arsenal and his word is and should be law. He doesn’t believe he should be questioned & from the outside it certainly looks like he isn’t – neither the owner nor the CEO seem to challenge him, and have come out with some odd comments about him over the years & how they allow him full control (what an odd way to conduct business affairs but that’s another story).

Wenger earns in excess of £8m per year (more now?) and even in our darkest moments, sacking him never seems to be on the cards. Why is that? Other managers have gone for less (LvG won the FA Cup and was still shown the door by MUFC) so why isn’t Arsène asked to leave? Are Kroenke, Gazidis & Co so frightened of this man or life without him, they refuse to contemplate it? Therefore, Arsène stays in a cushy job and picks up his pay cheque.

Except stress wise, it is not comfortable. No manager is as scrutinised as much as Arsène Wenger. The media and some fans live to rip him to shreds – I am not saying he does not deserve it on many occasions, but he is rich enough and could earn more in television where he would be welcomed with open arms. Therefore, I do not believe it is the money. Most that meet him say what a lovely, charming and down to earth man he is, so the ego thing does not quite sit well with me either. Having met him many times, I can confirm he is polite, well-spoken, makes time for you (he waited with one of those smiles whilst I fiddled with my camera like a div) and his hair is every bit as full and healthy as it looks on camera. Moreover, he smells like a god…but I digress.


The Saviour

The excruciatingly irritating AKB faction seem to think he’s got it all in hand and these are just blips on the way to realising his ultimate footballing philosophy without any kind of adaptation and if we just hang on long enough we’ll win the PL, CL and everything else in between. Now anyone that follows me knows that I adore the man (as a man) and I will always stand for him against those that wish death and illness on him, or call him disgraceful names.

However, I am not a blind disciple and I can clearly see that he is not getting the most out of some players and not adapting the game plan dependent on the team we are facing. You can fully understand why fans trot out the overused ‘insanity is repeating the same thing…’ quote that they think Einstein said because they saw it on a meme and want to sound educated.

So no, I do not believe it is all in hand & we just have to sit and wait. If Mr Wenger believes this, he needs to open his eyes.



Wenger is frightened of what his life’s purpose will be after he retires and the board et al are frightened of what life will look like post Arsène.

This is the one that holds the most credibility for me. From some of the things I hear Arsène say on occasion, he definitely needs to be involved in football for the rest of his life, that’s a given. However, he is frightened to take the plunge and do something new, and this is not fair on Arsenal. The owner and board might worry about what we’ll be like when he’s gone as we know (and we need to acknowledge this) that Wenger is a huge crowd pleaser overall, to fans, sponsors & TV. Arsenal being the worldwide brand it is in large part due to him, so there may be concerns that we will not be what we once were. But come on, we are not Blackpool! We are a sustainable brand now, with millions of fans around the globe and we will continue to be that after he goes. Liverpool have not ever won the modern day PL, yet they are still the second biggest club in England. I am reminded of a quote from Tony Robbins – “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional”. We need both.

Image result for Tony Robbins - "Change is inevitable. Progress is optional"

So my musing was this: does Arsène stay because he is worried what Kroenke & co will do to Arsenal when he is gone? Are we lucky he has so much power because if he didn’t, and we just had some average manager without the influence and brand power, would the board just walk all over them and never sanction big money transfers? Alternatively, maybe this is the final bit of romance left in me talking – about the man that came to my club when I was 16 and has given me so much.

I believe that Arsène loves Arsenal, I truly do, which is what put this thought in my head. As I said, this is likely off the mark and unfortunately, I do not think we will ever know the full story. Maybe if we are lucky after he does eventually retire he will write a book and I suspect even those that say they hate him (what is wrong with you by the way?) will be lining up to read that one.

Whatever the truth, and as much as I have enjoyed much of what he has given me as a fan over the years (as recently as 27th May 2017), I do think it’s time for fresh managerial blood. I will never talk about him the way some do, even though the vitriol says more about the person saying it than their target, which they should remember. Despite wanting change, I am worried about what’s to come, as something is rotten in the state of Arsenal and that is not squarely on Wenger’s shoulders.

May 27th Success

I have no faith in the owner or board; they do not care about the club other than its viability as a successful business. However, I do, this club is my love, my home and my heart and I just want us to be the best we can be. Up the Arsenal. Always.


Just the ramblings of a frustrated Gooner, like everyone else on Twitter!


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8 Responses to A Theory as to why Wenger will not just walk away from The Arsenal?

  1. Sean Williams August 29, 2017 at 12:58 pm #

    I have a view almost the opposite to you. I’ve never known a manager to say he despises the supporters as Wenger said about supporters who want him out. No club in the world will function with a manager who hates the supporters. Is he getting back at them? Your faith in him is baseless.

    • Carly August 29, 2017 at 2:52 pm #

      I said I think he should leave for the good of the club, Sean. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Victor Thompson August 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm #

    Carly, a nice article which skips around the top of the fence without actually committing to one way or the other. It is a difficult balancing exercise wrapped up in an emotional and genuine love of the club, admiration for a basically decent man, and the logic which your brain tells you that you must come down on the side of change. Like Brexit, we decided to take the plunge and now we are in some trepidation of what will follow.

    The country voted for change and the balance for or against was similar in proportion to the position Arsenal fans are in. Now we are in Brexit and our negotiating team is facing severe opposition by the EU team. If we want the best result it will be down to our team to bite the bullet and stand tall. If we falter the result will be for nothing and our subservient position will continue. We don`t know what the outcome of leaving will be but we do know that the population wanted to have the opportunity for our country to stand on its own and make its own place in the world.

    If you want to make things better we have to change. Carrying on as we are is only going to result in a spiral downwards which has been going on for 12 years. Why would that change if the man who has presided over the spiral is still in control? We have been fortunate to have a far sighted man of principle who gave us the best 10 years the club ever had, but the things which made him great are not good enough now. It is 20+ years since he arrived and time has moved on. Apart from Ferguson and Wenger, no other manager has lasted that long. The game has changed. There are different clubs at the top of the pile now and methods of playing the game have changed. Man Utd. have had to change to get back to the top and they have got the one manager they derided and hated most in charge. Their football now will be Mourinho style and I don`t think anyone would really disagree that they will be battling for the title now.

    Mourinho will adapt his methods to a more aggressive style than he had with Chelsea. He knows he has to because their fans expect to see attacking football. He is able to provide that, whilst still preserving his reputation for tight defence. Arsene cannot do that. He is an intelligent man but behind the polite manner there is a huge ego. It is his downfall. It prevents him from addressing his weaknesses and he will not admit that he has to change. When an immovable object meets an irresistible force something has to give and the irresistible force of change needs to remove Wenger or we will perish.

    • Carly August 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm #

      Thanks Victor, it was deliberately high level as my opinion on why he won’t leave is irrelevant- they were just general musings and despite my unwillingness to abuse the man like so many of the Wenger Out brigade, I believe I was clear that I believe he needs to leave for the good of the club.

      • Victor Thompson August 29, 2017 at 3:30 pm #

        Cheers Carly, you did manage to bring some points up with your musings and the fact that my comment was also wide ranging is because I just piggy – backed some of those points. I hope you don`t mind.

  3. David August 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm #

    He won’t leave,after manager he’ll get moved to a seat on the board, which would suit him. I don’t think he’d stick his nose into the next guy’s business but I think there are power struggles inside the club and we shielded from it because they don’t do their washing in public. His time has come though.

  4. Daniel Egwu August 29, 2017 at 5:51 pm #

    Hi Carly, and thank you for bringing to the fore some of the things that made us all root for Arsene all these years. But the times have changed and with it values. The same methods of yesterday can not guarantee you success today. Then players were more committed to the clubs, more professional and the quality/competition was never this much. With his age it seems he finds it difficult to do the things modern managers do to get results – pay top money for players, add aggression to their games, increase the tempo of their games and being more tactically aware. Arsenal, as a result has become a club of hand brakes, using yesterday’s ideas to solve today’s problems. The difference between our competitors ManU, Chelsea, Tottenham and city, even everton, Southampton etc) is so easy to see. They are aggressive, seem to know how to dismantle arsenal and are very decisive in doing their business. Arsene prevaricates, is slow and annoys.

    We all love and respect Arsene, we also wish he loves us and offers us same respect. By gradually destroying his legacy and the arsenal brand, people feel disappointed that their once elite, pace setting and intelligent manager is fiddling while the club dies. A real pity!!!

  5. Victor Thompson August 30, 2017 at 10:57 am #

    Very well put Daniel.

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