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Wenger Don’t Do Tactics: Settling The Debate

A fellow contributor here, Mr. Dougie Cazorla, made a great piece on how Wenger does “do tactics”, but not well enough. I agree with his analysis in very large part. However, I think it is a valid criticism, albeit stretched and distorted somewhat. So, using my best colloquial/non-Standard English: is the notion that Wenger “don’t […]

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Apart from the occasional clueless rant - Paul Merson  knows what he's on about

Arsenal’s cunning strategy for breaking down stubborn defences

Today’s Sunday Times carries an interesting article by Jonathan Northcroft based on an interview with Paul Merson. He talks about possession, breaking fast and powerfully, and says that Arsenal have conceded possession as a tactic and achieved better results. Arsenal’s worst defeats have happened when they have had what he describes as “heavy possession”. He says […]

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