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Who is Lacazette and why is he good for Arsenal? Just the STATs, ma’am.

You’ve see videos, you’ve heard the hype. Here’s some statistical analysis of Lacazette’s time at Lyon, courtesy of our friends at KickOff. Enjoy. Statistics courtesy of KickOff   invinciblogPaul Hepker (aka invinciblog/batmandela) recently returned to South Africa after a 16-year stint in Hollywood, where he plied his trade as a film and TV composer. He […]

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Cherry -picking numbers is the oldest trick in the book...

Daily Mail – Don’t let the overwhelmingly positive Arsenal facts get in the way of a negative story!

“Don’t believe the truth”, say Oasis on the front cover of their sixth studio album. Numbers are often thrown out to defend this or that point of view, proving this or that opinion undoubtedly right. If football were an exact science, then I would have stopped watching it since a long time – or never had any interest […]

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