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Arsenal set to sign a New Winger – A Complete analysis of our current widemen reveals why.

You’ve read the heading and most likely said: “What an idiot. Everyone knows we need a screening midfielder, that world-class striker we’ve been promised, probably a world-class goalkeeper, maybe another centre-back but definitely no mention of a winger. What is this guy even thinking?” Well, read on. I’m not saying we don’t need these players […]

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MO (1)

All but over? Mesut Ozil and woeful attacking costs Arsenal Champions League progression against rattled Bayern Munich

Crikey, where to start? After a thoroughly tense FA Cup win against Liverpool, during which, deep into the second half, I am sure my anus collapsed in on itself through sheer anxiety, Arsenal had to combat arguably the best football team of the 21st century. A Pep Guardiola-led Bayern Munich side who now threaten to […]

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Shopping List for Arsene Wenger

No Diego Costa, Jackson Martinez or Luis Suarez for Arsenal? Arsene Wenger could consider these other options

Tis the season. The part of the year where everyone is demanding. Everyone wants the best, and they want it NOW! It’s quite apt that the transfer window opens just after the Christmas period. Just like with the sales shopping, what escalates is pandemonium as customers scramble to snatch quality of mediocrity at an over […]

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Alex Manninger 04

Theo Walcott injury spells the end of Arsenal’s season? Step forward the saviour: Alex Manninger

Forget the prayers! We need a rallying call… Step forward a Manninger! Priest – “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the 2013/14 season for Arsenal Football club…..” Dan Dan the Arsenal fan – “Whoa, whoa, whoa, just hold onto your trunks there Padre… what do you mean? The passing, […]

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Mathieu Flamini 14

Barca and Madrid scrap over Nicklas Bendtner, Mathieu Flamini in sleeves war and Wojciech Szczesny extends his Arsenal stay

Interlull, interdull, interlol. Whatever you want to call it, we seem to have had a huge amount of international breaks recently since the start of the season, and even just before the Premier League campaign got underway if you will remember. I’m sure we never usually have this many, but it seems as if every […]

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interlull 1

Jack Wilshere taken to the sword, Arsenal injury updates and who could return to face Norwich City

[heading size=”5″]The Inter-lull: Parts 1 and 2[/heading] Part 1: And did these feet in ancient times….. Should England be for the English? Jack Wilshire has stirred the jingoistic hornets’ nest with his recent comments: “The only people who should play for England are English people, if you live in England for five years it doesn’t […]

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