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All will look RIGHT when the RIGHT hand-side returns RIGHT after International break

This week’s column has been inspired by our latest signing, Victor Thompson. The frustration, disappointment and (perhaps) disillusionment that transpire from his words of yesterday are totally understandable and I am sure many fans are sharing his views. I don’t – at least not completely. I feel his frustration when I see some of our […]

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Gibbs vs Tottenham

Magnificent Magic Ozil rescues a point for exhausted Gunners – #NLDAFC1SPUDS1

Going into the game, the expectations were high. It’s understandable: we were on a streak of wins, City dropped points against Villa earlier and, finally, we played Spurs. However, one simple fact wasn’t quite taken into account, by yours truly too: we have a stretched squad which is also exhausted. For almost every player who […]

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