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Arséne Wenger - Rebel Without A Clue? [Artwork: @invinciblog]

Wenger Faces Lengthy Ban: is he Arsenal’s “Rebel Without A Clue”?

Don’t get me wrong. Anything that Wenger does that isn’t sitting on the sideline, furrowed brow, all forlorn… …or impersonating a sleeping bag struggling to (un)zip itself… …is fine by moi. Getting in the face of the sh*t-lipped (why else would he be permanently sneering?) Mourinho…  or venting his ire on inanimate objects… – these little […]

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Arsenal toast, by @invinciblog

Football is a Simple Game, like a simple meal, unless of course the Arsenal Players are making it!!

OPTION A:   Eggs Hollandaise on Quinoa Pancake, with Venison Shiitake Ballotine, marinated overnight in a Dalmatian Vinaigrette reduction, & lightly splashed with a Ham & Wild Tomato Salpicon. Served with a steaming pot of Kopi Luwak.   -=<~>=-   Sorry. Option A has been cancelled. The Hollandaise turned out to be rather stinky. (A […]

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Crazy baby face

Exclusive – Why Arguing With Some Gooners Drives You Crazy – Their Secrets Revealed

Arguing with some people can drive you crazy. Whether it’s online, in the pub, at school… You’re going along just fine – having a healthy (if somewhat heated) discussion about some crucial Arsenal-related topic – when suddenly they say something that gets your tongue tied, makes your blood boil and your ears burn. Because once they’ve said it, the argument flies off […]

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