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I Grieve, You Grieve, We All Grieve for Arsenal.

It’s been quite a journey, this Gooner journey through the Kubler-Ross stages of GRIEF. First there was DENIAL – an inability, or unwillingness, to accept that there was something rotten in the state of Arsenal. Wenger had gutted his Invincibles, ruthlessly ridding himself of his stars for top dollar to finance the new stadium -and […]

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Ozil & Alexis: Traitors or Simply Mercenaries Moving On? Why I won’t shed a tear when they leave. Arsenal deserves better.

Should we be surprised (or upset) if Ozil and Sanchez don’t renew their contracts? I don’t think so. And here’s why… Traditionally, players signed for Arsenal because it was a step up for them. Or because they held a lifelong dream to play for the Gunners. Neither is the case for our two want-away stars. […]

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Apart from the occasional clueless rant - Paul Merson  knows what he's on about

Arsenal’s cunning strategy for breaking down stubborn defences

Today’s Sunday Times carries an interesting article by Jonathan Northcroft based on an interview with Paul Merson. He talks about possession, breaking fast and powerfully, and says that Arsenal have conceded possession as a tactic and achieved better results. Arsenal’s worst defeats have happened when they have had what he describes as “heavy possession”. He says […]

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