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Santi Cazorla 07

Balancing Arsenal for a zero balance – how to get the Gunners firing for free

Balancing Arsenal for a zero balance  Arsenal do have a squad of good players. Arsenal do have a few very good players. Arsenal do have a large cluster of highly promising young players. Arsenal don’t have a modern, athletic, balanced group. I’ve had a go at reforming our squad below and made an exciting discovery. Firstly, here […]

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A Magnificent 7 Thoughts to get you thinking and really excited for the return of The Arsenal!

7 Arsenal Thoughts  Starting to get excited now! Have you had these thoughts too?….  1)  Arsenal have a few advantages that many haven’t noticed yet. We are about to play summer football for the first time. I would imagine that those teams with mainly British players eg; Sheffield Utd, may struggle as British folk are […]

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