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Gambling with tight hamstring's (Getty image)

Arsenal should be a Rolex but they are now a cheap imitation with Dodgy Broken Inferior parts

I have just read Alex`s article after the Norwich game. “Bad luck poor presentation or fragile English players”. I was going to write a simple critique on the Norwich match but I found it difficult to avoid writing the same critiques that I wrote for previous games (West Brom, West Ham, and Sheffield Wednesday etc.) […]

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If Wenger is the Impressario then The United Performance has left the paying public wanting more

#JustwhoisVictorthompson – ACCOUNTABILITY? 2nd in a series taken from Victor’s comments This gem was left after a blog by Zwi ‘Where’s the buck stop? last week I appreciate your dissertation on the relationship between the manager, the club and the press. The most difficult matter to explain is the role of the fans and the […]

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