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Best crosser ate the club

Kolasinac may not be the best defender at Arsenal but he is the Best Crosser – Arsenal Calm the Rumbling Storm #AFCB1AFC2

Arsenal calm the rumbling storm…. Positives, Needs and Hopes I was trying to figure out (yet again) why games against Bournemouth seem so frantic.   Is it the small, compact, noisy stadium? The tight camera angle? Almost seems like a game from the 90’s, end-to-end, vertical and nerve-wracking. Very little control especially in the first […]

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Shiny gem

Arsenal Crying out for ‘Individual Brilliance and unpredictability – Positives, Needs and hopes from 0-0 v Sporting

Brilliance needed… Positives, Needs and Hopes This was an interesting game to misread. It is lazy to state that we were simply ‘disappointing’ or that the game was ‘dull.’ Arsenal did many things well. You have to in order to have 75% possession and to get through any game without your opponent having a chance. […]

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