5 Tips for Building the Best Player Card Portfolio on Footstock


5 Tips for Building the Best Player Card Portfolio on Footstock

What sets Germany-based football trading platform Footstock apart from its contemporaries is its player card trading system. Representing active players from the Premier League, these cards are the main assets for Footstock’s two most popular activities: trading and fantasy league matches.

If you’re looking to build a portfolio of player cards on Footstock, you’re likely doing so because:

  • You want a wide array of choices for a “dream team” to take to Footstock’s fantasy football tournaments.
  • You want better odds for the other cool features on Footstock, like its roulette mini-game.
  • You want to earn money from buying and selling at the Peer to Peer market, just like you would on another platform involving football stocks.

Regardless of whether you want to achieve one, two, or all three of these objectives, the following tips will be of great help. Once you sign up and collect your Footstock welcome bonus,here’s what you can do to assemble a balanced and competitive player card portfolio.

Decide on Your Goals for Your Portfolio

Before you start spending a lot of money on cards, ask yourself: what is it that you truly desire from your portfolio? Are you collecting cards to reap short-term rewards, like good results in the daily roulette? Are you looking to accumulate long-term value for trading in the Footstock market? Or are you assembling your portfolio for the specific purpose of winning big in Footstock’s tournaments?

Your goals may be strikingly different from those of another Footstock user. Thus, it’s important to base your decisions on what you want—not on what everyone else is doing. Your portfolio can be your ticket to cashing in on your football smarts, whether they lie in betting on youth players or undervalued players. It can also help you become a master of Footstock’s order book system, which is improving each day.

Once you’ve decided on what that goal is, it will be easier for you to plan your acquisitions and to get better value from them. Discerning what type of Footstock user you are—and being decisive about your portfolio—will also save you time and money in the long run.

Start with Good Player Packs

Later on in your Footstock betting career, you will learn to depend less on player packs and more on the market. But when you’re still a beginner, buying packs from the Footstock store will be your first step to building a powerful and varied arsenal. Each card serves a purpose, too; even the basic and common cards will prove essential for beginner tournaments.

Admittedly, the best card packs can get rather expensive. To offset the cost, you can try collecting rewards in the Footstock Rewards Hub. Ticking off on certain challenges, like joining a set number of beginner’s tournaments, can earn you some handy discount vouchers for card packs.

Watch Out for Good Deals in the Peer to Peer Market

The smart Footstock user knows that there’s better value in the market than in the Footstock store. Be sure to make regular visits to the market so that you can see the going price for players you’re keen on.

It’s also important to note that you don’t always have to pay the asking price per card. You can try your hand at using the order book system to negotiate. Who knows? Someone may be able to sell you a great player at the price you dictate.

Be Aware of Price Fluctuations

 Just like with regular stock trading, your timing with Footstock is key. Prices for player cards can fluctuate for a number of reasons. To get great new additions to your portfolio, you have to do two things: understand what’s behind the fluctuations, and capitalise on the timing.

One thing you can remember about football stocks is that players usually have the highest value when they’re about to play in a tournament. The best time to acquire a future Epic or Legendary player may be during downtime. Think carefully about the price, but don’t miss the opportunity to buy a card when the time is ripe.

Go Beyond Your Real-Life Favourites

Every football fanatic has a club that’s dear to their heart. But in Footstock, this favouritism is best set aside. A solid Footstock portfolio is diverse in terms of its assets. To build one, you have to look beyond players in your favourite club and populate your collection with other names.

Let your football intelligence dictate the line-up in your portfolio. Aspire to get cards of today’s most valuable players, as well as the next generation of Premier League stars. This diversity and willingness to take chances on fresh names will surely reward you in the future!

You’ll be spoilt for choices in terms of the players you can add to your dream portfolio. Who do you think deserves a slot in your line-up, and who are you most excited to take to Footstock’s big leagues?

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