Arsenal ‘s Dream Team, Tierney Saves The World, Griezmann on Loan – what a season lies ahead!

Ask the readers… Part 2

Many thanks for the reaction to Part 1. Here it is if you haven’t read it…

Here is Part 2…..

Predicted line up?

Arsenal line-up


The whole squad isn’t visible here, but this is my guess at what Arteta wants. If we make all the sales we want to, this is possible.

It’s a 4-3-3 as I feel this is what the ultimate goal is. This won’t happen until late in 2020.

Most of our money is going to be saved through wages, but the wages of those leaving are high.

Griezmann is the surprise but I’ve been consistent in maintaining that he will be available on loan. He will want to return to playing as a #10/false nine. He is perfect as his game is suited to what Lacazette and Nketiah have been trying to do but aren’t suited to, as they don’t have the link play that Griezmann does.

Three improvements needed?

  1. The swing from being much better against the big teams to being able to consistently and comfortably beat the weaker teams is certainly a priority.
  2. In order to accomplish this we need to create significantly more. Willian created more chances than any other Chelsea player so will be a huge help. I expect Pepe to be far more effective too.
  3. Modernizing the midfield. If we get Partey and Aouar we will be able to field players with the ability to destroy, create and dictate for the first time in a long time.

Where will Arsenal finish in the PL?


A bold call for sure but I think we are underestimating the combination of potentially having a team without holes matched with a squad who seem to all buy-in to instruction. Full belief. 

As a coach I can tell you that this combination is a dream that rarely occurs. We have to wait to see the final composition of the squad but my optimistic side says we will make the necessary signings to balance the team.

Where would you play Ainsley Maitland-Niles?

If we don’t get Partey I’d play him as a line breaking midfielder. His improvement defensively combined with his athleticism, energy and ball carrying ability are desperately needed in midfield.

If we get Partey I’d play him as first choice right back/wing back.


Aubameyang stay at left wing or back to centre forward?

If we play with an attacking midfielder then I’d play Auba as a CF.

If not, then I’d continue using him at LW as long as we had two creative players on the pitch. Playing Auba and Laca offers almost no creativity. Pepe isn’t consistent enough to be trusted to do it alone.

What does Pepe need to do to fulfill his potential?

Firstly, he has to be allowed to play inside right not right wing. If he’s picking the ball up on the wing he takes too long to penetrate and attracts a crowd.

The perfect example is Salah. He gets it and instantly penetrates or shoots. All of this is a coaching instruction.

Secondly, Pepe’s movement is a huge concern. How often do you see him 1 on 1 with a defender or the goalkeeper? He’s always 1 on 2 and he receives it with defenders in front of him.

Pepe needs to make three changes and then he will explode. His finishing and crossing look elite.

He just doesn’t do it enough.

He needs to receive inside, penetrate quickly whilst 1 on 1 and run behind to receive when he can, as this simplifies everything.

Breakout player of the season?

I want to say Nelson but I think his submissive nature has to change first.

My money is on Smith-Rowe. I get the impression that he plays with less fear. Just needs a chance.

For his sake I wish we’d had a proper pre-season as this often gives Academy players the chance to play more than a few minutes.

I think this season will be the first time we see the Academy player that could go on to be the best of them all… Charlie Patino. A central midfielder who is beyond others in his development and could quite easily get the same opportunity that Cesc did at 16.

When do we go to a back four with Gabriel and Saliba together?

Slowly is my guess. I see a back three for a third of the season with a back four including Mari, or Mustafi before we see Saliba and Gabriel together.

I think we see the duo together in the CC and EL before we see it in the league.


Kieran Tierney just saved the world. How did he do it?

An overhit Erik Lamela cross is heading in the direction of Ralphie, the 10 yr old Arsenal ball boy.

KT has a decision to make and like all superheroes, he makes it swiftly. He ties his Tesco bag (cape) to his neck, flies towards lil Ralphie and deflects the ball into the crowd. World leaders get wind of KT’s heroic, selfless act and step aside, bowing to ‘RecycleMan.’

Three words/phrases to describe how you feel about the new season?

Excited, optimistic and ‘about to surprise.’

Would love to get your answers to these questions in the comments below…. 👍🏻


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2 Responses to Arsenal ‘s Dream Team, Tierney Saves The World, Griezmann on Loan – what a season lies ahead!

  1. Robert Acedius September 9, 2020 at 9:18 am #

    This is a wet dream. Shame on you. But it would be a new invincible.

  2. Chukwudi September 9, 2020 at 8:13 pm #

    Can’t wait to get the season started, Arsenal looks the real deal so far with Mikel Arteta as the headcoach.

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