What if Christmas already happened? 6 things Arsenal want (but may not need)


What if Christmas already happened?… A transfer blog

Hands up. I’m guilty. I never learn either. My wife is partially responsible too. 

Every ruddy Christmas we overspend on our children! We get too excited at the opportunity for short term happiness.

This reminds me of where Arsenal might be with the possibility of new signings.

There is no doubt that Arsenal need to sign players as we are unbalanced without modern athleticism in midfield and a reliable creative player in the final third.

If we take away the ‘Christmas mindset’ and the need to buy just to create happiness and pacify, then we see with slightly different glasses.

I had the idea to write this blog after writing down the profiles needed in the positions that I thought we need.

I realized that in some areas we potentially have what we need

Here goes…. 

1) Arsenal need a line breaking midfielder. An athlete who can confidently stride through midfield but has the speed to recover.

Watch this clip. You’ll get to see a player on our books who has been begging to try this and never given a run of games to prove he can do it.

Maitland-Niles doesn’t have to be first choice but I’m going to be very upset if he signs for City after proving that he was an all round, modern athletic midfielder at Crystal Palace, when we didn’t ever give him a chance at centre midfield. Oxlade-Chamberlain is on his way to making us regret the same thing.

Before I move on it’s fair to say that if he was dropped for his attitude and specifically his reaction to being asked to play right back, then I understand. Many, many talented players who were the perfect long term fit never became this due to attitude. Carlos Vela should be a world beater, right?

Whether we play 4-3-3 in the future or not we need a midfielder that commits opponents.  If AMN isn’t the option, shouldn’t we try one of Willock or Smith Rowe first? Both have the potential to rise to the top.



2) I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Reiss Nelson is about to break through.

If so, does the Christmas present of signing Fraser, or Willian make sense?

I keep hearing ‘Arsenal need a left winger.’ Do they? If they do then I’d imagine that’s a 5th player for one position. Auba, Saka, Nelson and Martinelli. 

The first four all seem to have LW as their first choice option whether it’s Arteta’s choice or their preference. 

Maybe Willian is an Ozil option or as I mentioned in my last blog, a centre midfield option. 

If Ryan Fraser signs for Arsenal and any of our 3 youngsters leave I won’t understand as all three have higher ceilings than he does.

3) Odsonne Edouard looks very interesting. If we sell Lacazette and keep Martinelli out left, I get it. If, as many suggest, Martinelli will be an elite CF then why buy a younger CF?

My suggestion is to buy Cavani. Guarantee of goals and won’t block the others long term.

4) The idea of Grealish at Arsenal is very exciting. Then I think of the reality. If he were to play AM then isn’t there an argument that Smith-Rowe could be same level in a short time? If he were to play LW then we have the same problem as above with Saka, Martinelli etc…

5) Nothing screams ‘Christmas overload’ more than our CB situation.

I’m going to get questioned here but oh well, I’ve got some logic behind my plan…

Many see a new CB as priority number one.

I think it’s priority number one possibly next summer, but not this.

If William Saliba is the present and the future then I don’t think it’s wise to put him next to someone like Upamecano and expect them to fulfill their potential without major hiccups. They are both so young and would both be brand new to England and the PL.

It will likely be Luiz and Mari to start with and Saliba brought in gradually. Then it will be Saliba plus one of the older CB’s.

Mari has had a positive start, is the perfect age and seems highly motivated and yet many want a replacement as the January present apparently already needs replacing. 

If we sign Gabriel from Lille, Tah from Bayer, or Upamecano then long term we are secure. If we are being real though, are Arsenal in a position to purchase another CB when they have two new presents in Saliba and Mari?


6) Should we bin the ‘Guendouzi experiment’ and sign a new playmaker to play alongside a new athletic DM? Again, we could have the answer in Guendouzi.

Transfers are so much fun to debate and wish for. Those that read my work regularly will know that I talk about them more than most.

The final decision lays in trust.

Do we trust Nelson, Mari, Guendouzi, ESR, Willock and AMN? They could all work out. They really could.

I just feel that the need for upgrades has to be balanced with understanding that we may have what we need in some areas, if we just show some patients. 

We also seem to have a coach capable of rapidly improving players.

We may also need to admit that Christmas often spoils you rather than helps you.


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One Response to What if Christmas already happened? 6 things Arsenal want (but may not need)

  1. Aditya Gujarathi May 7, 2020 at 11:31 am #

    Very well written blog man.I agree with most of the things that you’ve said.You’re right that AMN can be good back up but then the thing is what if he turns out to be like Elneny in the long run? So we need one prolific Midfielder maybe someone like Thiago Alcantra, Santi Cazorla, etc. Secondly I very much agree that there’s no need of a LW as we already have Saka and Martinelli to get that job done so instead of signing a LW we should signing Cavani or Dries Mertens who can play as CF and LW too. Thirdly signing Grealish would be like hitting a bulls eye as he’s a perfect long term replacement for Özil. I know ESR is there but he’s still young and learning so he can be the backup or spend one more year on loan and then come back and shine. Now most importantly signing a new CB is must. Even though we have Luiz ,Mari and Saliba we definitely need a new CB like Nathan Aké. Luiz is a good CB but he’s better off as a CDM so Aké , Saliba ,Mari could be the CB trio and Luiz could play in the midfield in place of Guendozi who definitely needs to be sold. Guendozi won’t improve that much so it’s better we cashin on him and buy someone much better than him.

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