Dozen hurt to dream: 12 Potential SWAP deals for Arsenal


12 potential SWAP deals for Arsenal 

If you like fun transfer speculation based on some detective work read on…..

The clues are out there. Guillem Balague said it first and a few others have repeated. Most transfers will be loans or swaps. I’ve been doing some thinking and put the following together based on teams that are looking at our players and who we could get in return….

1) Many speculate that Kolasinac will be off, back to Germany.

So….. who are we looking at in Germany?

Here’s a long shot but a well thought out long shot… Angelino may be going back to City from Leipzig. RBL would then need a LB. We want Upamecano. Could we persuade them to take Kolasinac, which would bring the price down for Upamecano?

I can see Kolasinac at Moenchengladbach. Who do they have?

They have Denis Zakaria. A Thomas Partey alternative, perhaps?

Marcus Thuram is a rising star on the left wing at Leverkusen?

Swap for Evan N’Dicka at Frankfurt?

2) Nathan Ake is an option for Arsenal.

Who do we have that would see AFCB as a good option? Willock? AMN? Sokratis? Hmmmm.

Amazing link up again? 

3) Are Arsenal interested in swapping Aubameyang for Ousmane Dembele or Coutinho? 

Neither are CF’s but Auba hasn’t been one this season either.

What about leaving the front line alone and trusting Saka, Nelson and Martinelli and swapping Auba for Umtiti? They are wanting to ditch Arthur which is insane. Could he be our Ceballos replacement? Auba swap for Arthur?

The obvious one is Auba for Jovic. I’m sure at some point they will offer Bale.

Here’s an interesting one… Aubameyang for Asensio?

A risk perhaps as he’s coming off an ACL but he’s young and very talented and versatile.

Will we end up swapping Auba for Ceballos or Auba for Vinicius?

Auba for Militao?

Bottom line…. if Real want Auba there are many, many they could offer.

4) How about Lacazette for Aouar?

Lose a CF but replace him in-house and add a position we need.

The obvious one is a Lacazette/Partey swap.

If we can’t get Partey, do we swap Torreira for Kessie?

Most similar to Partey but not quite his level.

5) I think that we sell Sokratis and Mustafi and pool that money together to get the CB we want. 

Would Leverkusen want Mustafi and swap for Jonathan Tah? If Olympiakos avoid league punishment (they may be relegated for bribery) would Sokratis want to end his career in his homeland? Would Leverkusen take both as a straight swap (too hopeful, I know)?

Could we offer Willock or ESR on loan to sweeten the deal?


6) Maitlind-Niles and Mustafi swap for Zaha? 

It may be Zaha’s last summer to get his move. We were interested. We certainly have many players that are Palace level. If Chambers was fit he screams Palace.

7) Xhaka plus cash for N’didi? 

Too beautiful for me to consider!

Leicester have apparently shown interest in Tierney as well as Xhaka.

Would you swap both in a direct deal for N’didi and keep Saka at LB/LWB? Tough call.

8) So, we are apparently considering swapping Mkhitaryan for Cenguiz Under at Roma.

No, no, no! We have Pepe.

Talk to me about Amadou Diawara (very talented DM) or Pellegrini (some of the best numbers for a young European.

I’ve always been a big fan of Justin Kluivert. He’d be a fine choice if he could settle quicker than he did in Rome.

9) I know we have interest in Mady Camara as the athletic DM if Partey doesn’t work out.

Camara is at Olympiakos and, as mentioned previously, they could be in trouble so…. Mavropanos for Camera. That would be something for nothing.

10) Is there a South American team that wants Martinez and will swap him for one of their gems?

Are Palmeiras interested in swapping Gabriel Veron?

11) We need to do something cheeky with ElNeny.

Milan have shown interest. I’d try to get Raphael Leao. Huge ceiling!

12) Last one….. Balogun probably needs a loan.

Send him to Norwich and make a deal for Buendia, Godfrey or Aaron’s?

Not necessarily a swap but if they want Balogun, we could do a loan/swap agreement as Balogun will be wanted by many clubs.

It’s a shame Fenerbache don’t have anyone we could swap with Ozil!


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3 Responses to Dozen hurt to dream: 12 Potential SWAP deals for Arsenal

  1. Victor Thompson May 1, 2020 at 11:50 am #

    Mike, I am dizzy and my head is aching trying to get my brain to skip from country to country and from player to player! How do you do it? I`ll just sit on the sidelines and just hope that this settles. I`ll try to follow the copious names you list, but there is no way I could challenge any of your suggestions.

  2. Lukasz May 1, 2020 at 6:48 pm #

    Aubameyang – Hakimi
    Lacazette – Partey
    Guendouzi + Elneny + cash – Aouar
    Mkhitaryan – Cengiz Under
    Maitland Niles + Chambers + Holding – Declan Rice
    Bellerin + Ozil + Mustafi – Icardi
    Sokratis + Kolasinac + cash – Fabian Ruiz
    Mustafi – Keita Balde

  3. Aditya Gujarathi May 4, 2020 at 10:24 am #

    Following transfers and swap deal should take place.
    Nathan Aké would be the best and most feasible CB than Upmaceno.
    Sokratis- Max Aarons
    Guendozi-Jack Grealish
    Kolasinac+AMN- Kai Harvetz
    Mikhitariyan + Elneny- Pellegrini/Fabian Ruiz/Ramsey
    Xhaka – N’didi
    Sign Santi Cazorla, Dries Mertens & Cavani on free transfer.

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