No Mourinho here thanks – Despite his love of Classy Mesut


Surely not

I cannot understand why so much paper is being foolishly stuffed with talk about Mourinho. He was audacious, self – opinionated and quick to disparage other managers, but he was successful which of course increased his Ego. He was brash. An Inter fan christened him “The Special One” when he joined them and thereafter he adopted that name. As far as the fans were concerned, that image suited them, After all “The Special One and The Special Team” were a perfect fit. The adoration did not last. Barcelona outshone them particularly in the sort of football they played. However, he got one over Pep Guardiola when his Inter won the European Championship. The Inter fans were delirious but the Viewers on TV were bitterly disappointed with the dross they played.

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Happy CFC times 2005

In his first spell with Chelsea, he was instantly successful and they were suddenly a championship class club. Chelsea had for long years been whipping boys for Arsenal and he changed that with the aid of Abramovich`s millions. He could have had contracts from top clubs which overtook Wenger and Ferguson`s salaries and his self – image confirmed that he was the genius he thought he was. He made a cosy friendship with Ferguson, for whom he was always looking over his shoulder. However, just like Real, the fans turned against his brand of football and more importantly, so did the Club President of Real!

After a second spell with Chelsea, amazingly the fans at United, suddenly found that their club had signed him and so he joined the one club that he always wanted to manage.

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It turned out that those fans who did not want him anywhere near Old Trafford were vindicated. There was nothing special about him. His glory days were gone and his brand of football was no longer good enough for the upper echelons of the best teams. He was sacked again and he left little to work with when he went. Man Utd are still struggling to get back to the top. One thing that he was special at was making sure that when he left all his clubs: he had a fabulous contract in place and I believe that his compensation monies for not being good enough is more than most managers would earn in a lifetime. The clubs he left have struggled to maintain their success, and he left few if any supporters who mourned his passing.

He left Porto to go to Chelsea after he had won 3 titles and he joined Chelsea. He did not collect the monies due to him if he finished his contract. When he was sacked by Chelsea, he went to Inter and he managed to halt Barcelona`s sequence of winning the European Champions. He was loved by the fans but neutral supporters lamented that he did it by stifling Barcelona`s attacks.  His efforts brought similar results as he did with Chelsea. He made Inter a top class team after many barren years but he is not mourned by all the Inter fans because the football they were playing was joyless.


Dull success at Madrid

Arsenal iare having difficult times and the football we used to play is a memory now. Emery has no idea of what shape of team he wants. Last night, we should have beaten Liverpool. Despite the fact, that Emery had not coached the youngsters how to interact with their colleagues. They still managed to find enough skill and talent to manufacture 5 goals.



Of course, as happens with Arsenal our defence let us down and it particularly let down the young tigers who played `off the cuff` football which depended on individual talent to achieve those 5 goals. Mustafi scored an own goal because of his penchant of going to ground when making challenges. Amid all the chaos going on the pitch; in the middle of it all Ozil made a gallant attempt to connect with the midfield and the forwards. and he made many classy passes to open up their defence and his back-heel to Martinelli was something any of the youngsters should aspire to.

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