Arsenal Fans transfer angst – Is it too early to moan?

Let us relax – Arsenal transfers and angst


Our transfer activity is pretty desolate at the moment – but it can change.


We as Gooners know the drill, right?

We’re all anxiously checking Google, Twitter, Facebook, or any online media (or any media, full STOP) for news on transfers.

We hear stories that “personal terms have been agreed” for x player. We then read that “y player of Arsenal ‘hates the British weather’” and wants to go back to Italy.

Or that a rival club, with whom we’ve tussled in years past, wants to sign our star striker and joint Golden Boot winner.

And let’s not forget the talk of Arsenal only having £40m to spend this window….

Getting angsty in the transfer window is understandable. Players are needed to compete and win, and if we’re not signing them, our chances are lesser. We still recall only signing Petr Cech in 2015 – or the regular last-minute dashes before the window shuts. We’ve been burnt before, as it were.

But to date, we haven’t signed anybody.

And for me at least, this is no issue.

Here is why I think so:


  • International football

The Women’s World Cup won’t affect the men’s’ side’s transfer dealings. – this is self-evident.

But AFCON could (African Cup of Nations). If players we want are in this tournament, then they will devote their full attention here.

Copa America is on – and we have players participating, like Lucas Torreira for Uruguay.

Torreira is on Copa America duty with his country, Uruguay. The tournament’s hosting would complicate getting players for all clubs.


There is an under-23 European Championships on too.

And let’s not forget the Euro 2020 qualifiers, and the UEFA Nations League.

Players would be focused on these, as it’s about getting the best for their countries.

Once the international period moves by, more activity may come up.

International football is the pinnacle, and it’s very odd for players not to give their total and undivided attention to such.

So once Copa America, AFCON and the youth tournaments end, we may see more action across the board.

A player, ideally, shouldn’t be sounding out agents or offers from other clubs when major international prizes are on offer. It would be unprofessional, and certainly, gain the ire of many out there.



AFCON also would mean many potential targets are in action, and thus focused on national glory.


  • Top six action is scant


The transfer activity for the top six generally has been weak so far.

Spurs haven’t signed anybody yet.

United have got Daniel James.

Liverpool and Manchester City haven’t got players either, and Chelsea has an impending transfer ban.  Yes, they are challenging it in the Court of Arbitration. However, their activity will be limited all the same.


Daniel James is Man United’s only signing to date – and he with respect to him isn’t a big name. The Top Six PL action at this point is limited, and others are in our boat.


So the club’s rivals and competitors haven’t made a move yet. Yes, Arsenal needs to focus on itself and not on other clubs. However, all are in the same boat and operate with similar agents and often players. So slow movement will affect all in some capacity.

In some ways also, a good or bad window is one that is comparative with other clubs. So if the others haven’t made moves yet, then we can see that it may be a collective malaise.

We shall see if it hots up in the weeks to come.


  • Still plenty of time to go

The window now ends before the season starts, which is contrary to previous seasons which saw it end a few games after the season opener.

And with the aforementioned international tournaments, the players also need a break and time off with their families.

Our own Auba was off too, and he looked happy and rested with his partner and children.


Our Golden Boot winner had a golden and well-earned time away with his family lately


We’ve seen a lack of activity before. And this was a key negative under the latter Wenger tenure.

Though we have a new regime now – and it’s perhaps best to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This doesn’t mean that such patience is limitless.

For there is a time when questions must be asked.


We’ve put in a bid for Kieran Tierney of Celtic, and it could be a coup if we got him.


My own personal deadline is the end of July. Which is roughly fix to six weeks from the time of writing. If there are no new signings by then, then the new regime will already be roundly derided.

And we’d have to question the club existentially again – as we did in the latter Wenger period. We cannot argue that we need change since we’ve got it. But then we’d have to potentially change again, and this is worrying.

However, time is still valid here – and let us give Messrs. Sanhelli, Venketesham, and Emery, in their dealings.

It’s up to them to try and correct this and let’s give them the time and space to do such.

Supposedly, we’ve made a bid with Celtic for Liam Tierney, and if we get him it would go down well. That’s still an if though – but we shall see accordingly.

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