A Ballad of Mesut and Unai – Sort it out between now and May


Sort it out

While the season for Arsenal goes down in flames

Mesut still loves our club or so he claims

I do not know if he does nor do I particularly care

But I do know the team I love is missing his flair


I would rather he did is talking with his feet and not via Twitter

I would rather see him play and not to read he ain’t a quitter

I do not pretend know what is occurring at our club

But I would rather be talking of winning football in the pub


I do not care if you want him of the wage bill in June

I do care about winning now and bursting the Tottenham balloon

I do not care if we have two great finishers able to score

Without a player who can find them watching Arsenal is a bore


So Unai sort it out in the short-term, bring back the high press

You were instilling a style but have since lost it and tactics a mess

I have seen how good it can be versus Liverpool and the Middlesex lot

So get back to those basics and put a stop to the rot


Whilst Ramsey is leaving and Mesut maybe as well

Can their experience and attributes not help us through this difficult spell?

Fair to say that Alex and Matteo have the fans split

So now is the time to play those who have been there and done it


Get us through to May playing our strongest team

Consistency and method and of fourth we can still dream

No time for personal issues to affect the aspiration

To win in Europe, just play your best players and formation


Playing 343 without the Boy from Barca just don’t do it you see

Back to 4231 with the ‘lazy’ German at 10 is the key

Swallow your pride Unai Old Son and welcome him back

Look at 2015 and play Rambo off the right to boost our attack


One more thing while I rhyme my morning away

Playing a striker out of position is hindering our play

Auba or Laca, time to decide, I am saying

Alternatively select based on who are playing


Damn, I entered the Ozil debate when I decided I shouldn’t

I tried to stay out but in the end I couldn’t

I have no issue if you want him out in the summer, as we are all assuming

Just use him to help the team finish strongly, if not we’ll be fuming.


The End

I dedicate this poem to my dear friend Bee x

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3 Responses to A Ballad of Mesut and Unai – Sort it out between now and May

  1. Alex Field February 17, 2019 at 2:03 pm #

    sad to say that bloody dracula emery is sucking the life out of the team imho worse than the old fossil

  2. Victor Thompson February 18, 2019 at 1:17 pm #

    I agree with all you say Dave including your selections for the forward line. Ramsey and Ozil must come back. We are entering the tight end of the season and with only 4th place realistically within our grasp, we have no room for more mistakes.

    Guendouzi is an eyecatcher, but he gave too many short passes away at the business end of the pitch and was easily knocked off the ball. He will not win us matches at this stage in his career even though I believe he will be a fantastic asset when he matures. I think Suarez is worth a run as he looks lively and feisty. He could put a bit of fire into the team.

  3. Alex Field February 20, 2019 at 1:24 pm #

    imho emery should be shown the bloody door im sad to say

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