What the ‘So Called’ Experts thinks about the NLD – Worse than Merse is Tim Nice but Dim!

What the “experts’ think about the NLD

Ex players, pundits and so called experts all come out of the woodwork on NLD weekend.

So what have they had to say:

Tim Sherwood has given his view in his combined XI

Unbiased as usual, all I have to add is


Merson then joined in:

Bitter much, did Arsenal not offer you a job Merse?

In what universe is Dier better than Torreira!!!!!!

Ralph added his input:

“Tottenham have improved drastically under Pochettino, but they’re still not on the same level as Arsenal. They are getting closer and closer each year and their squad now has strength and depth, which they’ve lacked before.”

“I think Arsenal will beat Tottenham in the derby this weekend.”

Enough said.

And then there’s Ollie:



Once a Gooner, always a Gooner


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