A Serious Team, set up to win – Massive strides for superior Arsenal… Positives, Needs and Hopes

Massive strides for superior Arsenal… Positives, Needs and Hopes


When you simplify sport you get some gems of ideas!.


We are superior to Vorskla. Even our 2/3/4th string.

So… what is it we are superior at?

If you can figure that out as a coach and get your team to act on it, you will win.


Arsenal looked like Emery had said:

  1. A) ‘Your superiority lies in your willingness to never stop running, pressing and making weaker players look weaker’
  2. B) ‘Win this and you get another chance to play for Arsenal’s first team at home vs Qarabag. You don’t and this could be your last chance for a while.’

MG Bossed it

Guendouzi always leads this way and today Elneny followed. Bossed it.

Arsenal are statistically the team that runs the most in the PL. It is clearly a new club wide habit as that game was a freebie. Lose and you can still finish top with a win in last game.


Arsenal Football Club have a new attitude. That was a vastly different feel across the entire team compared to previous similar experiences.




* Joe Willock and Emile Smith-Rowe.

Both have Ramsey attributes

Here is the interesting thing…. Ramsey is leaving and speculation will continue as to who will replace him.

Both of these young men are of an age and ability that could solve this squad issue. Not only has that but both have similar qualities.

When Ramsey walks out the door, Arsenal will not have a goal scoring central midfielder.

Both of these guys have goals in their locker. They also have a similar skill set whether it is Willock’s box-to-box game or ESR’s eye for a goal.


I would try to sell Ramsey in January, wait to buy to replace, give ESR and JW five months to prove that they can replace his minutes.

Arséne's Double Double

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* Elneny is underrated. As he does not have an eye-catching quality then he is accused of being average.

The quality that stood out tonight was his ability to block passing lanes. He is constantly checking his shoulder and blocking penetrative passes. If you put that alongside his energy and willingness to be available at all times, I think he is a valuable option.


* Nketiah has grown. Physically he is taller, looks a little more muscular and has grown technically too.

The concern with him playing as a cover option for Lacazette will be that he is not able to hold up play or lay it off.

He played well in these areas.


* I give kudos to Jenkinson who played very well in a foreign position.


* Going back to ESR, he kept possession better tonight and it dawned on me that his best performances have been away from home. Both pre-season and in the EL he seems unperturbed by the environment.


* Medley looks like a monster. Reminds me of Yerry Mina. His long range passing created opportunities for Saka, his movement was willing and most importantly he was composed and looked like he fit.


* Vorskla produced in the first half a master class in woeful shooting. Comical actually 😳🤣


* Bukayo Saka looks like the profile of player we are missing. I understand that he is very young and inexperienced but I hope we give him opportunities unlike Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea.

His boots said, ‘look at me’ too!


* Willock’s finish was very modern.

Impressive Debutants

Many players that are more experienced are intentionally not trying to beat the defender but using him as a shield to curl it around.





* For as well as Joe Willock played he needs to work on his second effort.


* Cech makes fans nervous not because he is not good with his feet but he plays many high-risk passes and often at the last minute.

He was not found out last night but it was close.


* To take our game to another level, all our players need to scan so that they can play one touch where needed.

It does not seem like an obvious need when you have such technically comfortable players that retain possession but it does not have to be that difficult.


* Finally, we would have created more tonight if we were more deceptive with our chance creation in the final third.

Not just this group but also our first team often lose the ball on the edge of their box by telegraphing their final ball.





* With Monreal not back for Sunday will we play three at the back again?

This gives Kolasinac his favourite role without exposing him as often against Son and Moura who are both on form.

If we do play a back four will the Vorskla line-up be seen as a preparation for AMN playing left back against Spurs?


* I wish Eddie would have got his goal and I hope he gets it in the last game. He deserved a goal.


* Sevilla are second in their group. Could Emery have to play his former side in the second round?


* I do wish that in all of Ramsey’s years at Arsenal that he would have played in a three-man midfield. For me this is his only position. Everywhere else, there is somebody either better or less of a defensive risk.

Aaron Ramsey is good at everything.

Apart from his half season goal spree, I just do not think he is great at anything.

I think this is why Sanhelli does not think he is worth 250K a week and I would agree.


Final thought….


Opposing players do not watch as much football as fans I do not believe. They will watch Arsenal occasionally.

What they will pay attention to is your results.

They see those regularly.

emery two thumbs up

Emery is getting Arsenal our respect back

Under Unai Emery, we are starting to get our respect back from opponents as we not only play like winners but also are winning more. In addition, as last night we are not complacent or uninterested. We are professional, serious and look like a team being set up to win.



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