Kolasinac may not be the best defender at Arsenal but he is the Best Crosser – Arsenal Calm the Rumbling Storm #AFCB1AFC2

Arsenal calm the rumbling storm….

Positives, Needs and Hopes

Back on track

I was trying to figure out (yet again) why games against Bournemouth seem so frantic.


Is it the small, compact, noisy stadium?

The tight camera angle?

Almost seems like a game from the 90’s, end-to-end, vertical and nerve-wracking. Very little control especially in the first half.

Theoretically, this should favour the superior team as you both create chances.

First half Bournemouth were looking more offensively dangerous as our attackers struggled to connect.


The first half was like a storm that was growing and rumbling.


Biggest credit today for Arsenal was that they calmed the storm in the second half.


Heard that before ⬆️


Formation: 3-4-2-1




* If you do not like Sead Kolasinac I understand.

Defensively he is an undoubted liability and it is obvious.

It is hard however, not to see his offensive benefit.

In a game where our two creators rarely created, Kola’s ability to time his movements in the final third and pick out a man is as undoubted as his lack of concentration at the other end.

Much of being a fan is about feelings.

I did not feel like Iwobi or Mkhi were going to create. Did not feel like Auba was going to score unless he was given a gift… no surprise there.

I just feel that when Kola gets the ball wide that he will at least find the right option in the box.

I would not sell him like others would. I would buy another left back and just exclusively use him in as a wingback or option on the left wing.

He is in my opinion the best crosser at the club.

Best crosser ate the club

* Iwobi and Mkhi took up fantastic positions in the half spaces and their first thought was dynamic.

Their creation was poor but I do not want to ignore their positivity to drive forward as many who play there receive and drop.

* The goal was training ground perfection.

Xhaka with ball between lines to Iwobi, Kola off the ball sprint, Iwobi with perfectly weighted ball, Kola with perfect cross to Auba.


* If you are playing against Sokratis you must feel like you are in a wrestling match or a gladiator movie.

He is a fighter and he is going to make it very hard for you.

Emery will watch that back and see the importance of Sokratis’ early space taking, arm across opponent (see .com training videos) and goal saving challenge.

The wrestling Greek 🙂

* Never mentioned it before but Xhaka’s best quality may be his first touch.

* Could Arsenal win goal of the month again?

Are own goals eligible 🤣?

* The occasional ball over the top to Auba was both very close to perfection and made Bournemouth’s CB’s wary enough to back off. This gave Iwobi and Mkhi space and time to turn.


* Bernd Leno is at least ‘good’ at everything. He excels at coming off his line and shot stopping but does not seem to have an obvious weakness.

Not important to Arsenal necessarily but utterly bizarre how Ter Stegen is not Germany’s number 1 and Leno number two.

Loew way too loyal to Neuer among others.

* We were very solid and centre back today. Only problems came between Holding and the absent Kolasinac.




* Top of the Pops today with its 12th week at number 1 is … Arsenal’s Attackers with ‘Connection Issues.’

Individually they are good players but even though the media would have you feel that Laca and Auba’s bromance means they have a connection on the field, I do not see it.

I know Laca did not play today but I do not see any of the attackers consistently combining from game to game.

I expected more as this is the main area in the team that is largely unchanged from last season.


* Auba plays with his back to goal as if he is going to break if he challenges anyone on the ground or in the air.

* Back to Iwobi and Mkhi… I would prefer that they continue their driving runs into the box at pace. They seem to stop and the movement ahead is often too simplistic.

I would continue driving and look to shoot myself or have defender make a risky challenge.

There are so many ways to get penalties and I feel as if we make it too easy for opponents with our lack of aggression and aggressive running in the box.

* I can see why Emery is promoting playing out of the back as a tactic for this group.

There is not a single Arsenal player who is strong in the air and imposing in the middle third.


* The AFCB goal…..

Torreira has rightly received many plaudits this season.

He was however the furthest player forward when Iwobi lost possession.

Surely, that was not the plan.


Watch Bellerin too. He almost makes it back to block shot. Now rewind. He gave 50%, slowed down then decided he better sprint. Shame.

Maybe this is a better attitude…



* Those that read regularly will know that I think a 3-2-3-2 is the best formation for this group.

The back three, if used again, needs work on communication and taking responsibility, as they seemed to pass the buck in central areas.


* Dear Alex Iwobi,

You do realize that either in 1 month or 6 months we will buy a winger.

Don’t be ‘last season Iwobi’ ever again.

You still have a decent chance of being an Arsenal regular but today was too often ‘last season Iwobi.’


* Should Arsenal be coming closer on corners if we apparently have many plays and apparently work on them regularly?





* Interesting to see Ake up close.

We have lots of CB options but only Sokratis who is quick and not as quick as Ake.

Ake is not going to be at AFCB long. 🤔

Image result for nathan ake v arsenal today

* Every team needs a player like Adama Traore of Wolves.

They only play him between 15-45 mins per game but he is devastating.

So powerful and arguably the quickest player in Europe.

Vastly improved on the ball which was the complaint at Barcelona.

Would LOVE him as an option!


* I hope that fans see that even though we have differing opinions on what Emery has/has not improved there is no argument that our belief and results away from home are significantly better.


* In one of my first PN and H blogs I threw out the option of Allan Saint-Maximin at Nice.

He has the most successful dribbles of any player in Europe. Above Messi.

Watch him here ⬇️



Congratulations again to Emery.

Your formation change and therefore risk ultimately led to the winning goal.


How many games has Emery won for Arsenal with his tactics, substitutions and formations? 😊


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One Response to Kolasinac may not be the best defender at Arsenal but he is the Best Crosser – Arsenal Calm the Rumbling Storm #AFCB1AFC2

  1. John Eno November 27, 2018 at 8:27 am #

    You are talking Allan Saint-Maximin at Nice and you fail to mention his horrible final balls.

    In 5 seasons he has played 90 games for Nice having 9 goals and 11 assists in the French League!

    If he were that good, Barca, Real or Bayern would be in for him not us.

    And he’s still a French u21 player…Add that to Guendouzi who is still with the u23s and you’ll see if the future team you project is one with experience to win trophies or just another team that’ll fight for the top four always!!

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