The Worst of Times: how Wenger is destroying the Club he claims to love

I have been silent for some time as far as articles go, but frankly, there has been very little to inspire me that hasn`t been covered by the excellent Gunners Town crew. I have confined myself to commenting fairly detailed replies on many of these articles.

Will he / won't he?

Will he / won’t he?

In recent times though, there is one consistent topic that still comes up and that is “Will he or won`t he go?”, “Who can we get who would be a ready made replacement, given the previous success of previous teams” Where are we going to get a man who is basically Arsenal. He helped design the stadium, he controls the Academy etc ( today on Sky discussion ). In many ways, other comments from the media are that we are not being coached properly, our team has no visible plan. We play slowly, sideways and backwards and we have no backbone.

Despite all of the above, there is still a proportion of Wenger disciples who believe that turning up for matches and supporting the team, rates as a fan`s first and foremost obligation. To them it is inconceivable that a man with the character of Arsene Wenger, and with the list of achievements on his CV should be hounded out of the club. I agree with the latter part of that belief, but I disagree that he is being hounded out. There is no denying that there is indeed a sizeable proportion of people who would enjoy nothing better than to see him booted out. Some of them would gladly offer their services to do so.

Empty Stadium

Empty Stadium

On Thursday night, we saw the effect of the more moderate “Outers” when we saw the ranks of empty seats for the Stoke game. Those seats are mostly season ticket holders who used a civilised way of registering their frustration with Kroenke and the board by still refusing to take the action required to improve the performance of the team.

My view is that, not only have they failed to make Wenger accountable for 14 years of almost barren achievement, but they have actually rewarded him by substantially increasing his salary. We are all outraged when Bank Executives who almost brought the country to its knees are subsequently awarded huge salary increases. In other words, they are unaccountable for failure. Wenger obviously falls into that category. I have heard from people `who know people` that whether or not we win the Euro Championship this season, Wenger will serve out the final year of his contract. Even though we have slipped from 4th to 6th in the premiership and show no visible sign of improving and in fact we are not even mentioned in the same breath as Spurs and Liverpool who have now overtaken us, as well as Chelsea, Man Utd. and Man City who are almost bomb proof. Chelsea have suffered a hiccup, but they will be in contention again next year. Where will we be?

Bouldy kept on a short leash by Wenger?

Bouldy kept on a short leash by Wenger?

So what exactly are Wenger`s failings? The answer is in his lack of up to date coaching skills. He will not accept that he cannot coach a defence or pick the right balance in the team. He cannot assess a player`s true position based upon his ability, physique and skill. On top of his weaknesses, he possesses an immovable ego which demands that Arsene knows best, so he curtails the responsibility of people like Steve Bould . All of these traits result in young players failing to reach their potential. Joel Campbell and Perez were never given a proper run in the team and for reasons which only Wenger knows they never gained his respect. Iwobi came through the Academy and burst into the first team with apparently a golden future ahead of him. He has not progressed. Young Nelson, Adelaide and Maitland MIles have all made an immediate impact, but although they all have natural talent, they don`t seem to have advanced.

Lacazette arrived here after two years of pursuing him and he too seems to have fallen out of favour. How many full games has Wenger played him? In the Stoke game there were signs that there could be a burgeoning partnership with Aubameyang but we shall have to wait to see if he gets time to build on it.

Ox Unchained

Ox Unchained

If you are still not convinced then look no further than Oxlade – Chamberlain. When he was sold to LIverpool, I was really annoyed as he had played well for England and had shown plenty of promise for Arsenal. he played without complaint in any position he was asked to, but he was never given a settled role in the team. I said at the time that he would be a different player under Klopp and look how he played against Man City. On Sky today, there was a debate as to why he had improved so much and the consensus was that firstly, the Liverpool squad is much fitter than Arsenal`s. They play a pressing game high up on the pitch and they don`t play backwards and sideways. They are direct. Even Guardiola said that before the match. That suits Ox and he drives forward from midfield and immediately runs back if he loses the ball. That is the modern game but Wenger prefers a more technical passing game which although results in dominance of possession, results in less requirement for stamina and poor defence. He made mistakes with his ball control, but that was because of raw enthusiasm. He could have been coached for that. Chamberlain`s statistics with Liverpool are as follows:

1. Played 18
2. Goals 5
3. Assists 6
4. Opportunities created 26
5. Pass accuracy 81.6%

We have to face the fact that sooner or later we will have to face the future without Wenger. Anno Domini will see to that, but it would have been better had it happened when he had won a major trophy and we had a good team which a new manager could have built upon. It would also have been easier to find such a manager. As it is now, we shall expect to sign a top level coach to clean up the mess he has left and to build a side with an unbalanced squad and one which has insipid football in it`s genes. The longer Wenger remains, the harder it will get, for the club and for his replacement! Where is that man? Who amongst those who are `resting` as actors say, between jobs would want to take it? Of course, there`s always the money……… That is the caliber of person we will get and if the Board does not support his transfer policies then ala Conte, he will be on his way. That is what Wenger`s obduracy has brought us!

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6 Responses to The Worst of Times: how Wenger is destroying the Club he claims to love

  1. SA Gunner April 5, 2018 at 4:20 pm #

    Wengers senility was blatantly obvious when he offered the Ox another contract… contract to do what? Sit on the bench for another year?
    The Ox moved to Liverpool shortly afterwards and has blossomed showing his talents.
    I just wonder how many other young footballers had their careers put on halt or complrtrly screwed up by this mentally crippled old man.

    • Flush the Blog April 5, 2018 at 4:39 pm #

      Wenger is not a coach. He is a Director.

      Would he be good for the club still? I believe so but NOT as a manager or anyone in control of transfers and budgets.

      Let him help make the money upstairs, the team needs change. I’m just glad he hasn’t stopped Aub from doing his gymnastic celebration! That would be the first sign of Wenger stifling his creative freedom.

      AW has done well, but now the time is right to move sideways, or off altogether.

      The season ticket holders MUST be strong and resolute with abstaining from matches. But we must also remember the power of the crowd: we can destroy a team or turn them to gods with our voices.

      Arsenal needs to get a proper chant/singing division subsidised/paid for by the club. We are too too quiet!

      I’d let be it if our club sounded like The Kop. You can’t disagree, they’re a powerful voice for the players. We need to be more like them…

    • chris April 5, 2018 at 5:00 pm #

      Wenger actually raged at Oxlade for refusing a huge wage increase – preferring to play for a lot less money elsewhere. For an intelligent man it is surprising that Wenger does not wonder at why some players fall out with him or with his ways. Nobody dares say jack xxxx when they are there – only when they leave.

  2. Jd April 5, 2018 at 4:50 pm #

    I have said it before, if Wenger was that good , the group of nastri, fabrigas, RVP etc would have blossom to a title wining team? Wenger kills youth players and I swear the invisible was a fluke!! Ox is a great player right from the first time I saw him and he almost got destroyed by wenger, just like walcot, Wiltshire and soon maltland niles, nelson will become poor. modern coaches like Klopp knows how to get the best from youth players

  3. CKhalil137 April 5, 2018 at 5:00 pm #

    The Ox Arguement is ridiculous IMO.

    He’s barely had more EPL gametime with Liverpool than he did with Arsenal last season (29 apps, 16 as sub with Liverpool vs 29 apps, 13 as sub with Arsenal last season, with only 1 extra Goal). Lets also not forget he has only managed 90 minutes in a total of 7 EPL games this season (2 of which were for Arsenal) He gets put out on the wing and in central midfield like he did for Arsenal. He has had plenty of poor performances like he did for Arsenal. He has moments of brilliance, like he did for Arsenal.

    I agree that Wenger is passed it now, but I place none of the blame at his door. The press needs to be on the board to do something and frankly I’m disgusted with the apparent lack of respect in the media for the man that revolutionised the English game.

    If we had even a half decent board they would pull Wenger up and offer him to leave on his own terms at the end of the season or if he declined, fire him. Now some people might say that’s disrespectful, but it’s not. That is business.

  4. Trebor April 5, 2018 at 5:25 pm #

    We need to be the modern day Arsenal, we could have had pep when he said he’d like to manage arsenal, but no we stick with Wenger. How many top managers have past is by ? We need to see some passion from the bench, would have loved to see clop going bonkers at the Emirates, selling the ox was crazy shit, Jack next and I wonder what clop could do for him? The mind boggles. I do hope he’s not thinking of singing an extension. If we win the Europa league, I’m not against Wenger seeing out his last year, if it really the last season. The only reason I say that is because I think everyone will give him a good sending off, players and fans, if they can see light at the end of the tunnel. Yet if there’s a top manager up for grabs, then if Wenger really loves Arsenal then he should sod off and let us move forwards. Good luck tonight

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