Aubameyang, Gunnersaurus, Cech’s Head Gear and Lawn mowers – The Wacky World of UEFA

The weird and wacky world of UEFA 

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It is the Interlull so not much Arsenal news afoot. 

Down here, the news is awash with yellow sticky tape, sugar and reverse swingers.

Therefore, I thought I would have a look at something slightly different.


The weird and wacky world of UEFA.

When is The Emirates not The Emirates?

London Stadium

It has always bugged me that whenever Arsenal play in Europe the commentators constantly refer to ‘The London Stadium’ and references to the Emirates be removed inside the stadium. This is due to one of many UEFA’s bizarre rules, as Emirates is not one of UEFA’s major sponsors. This just becomes odd when the Emirates sponsor both teams and the logo is blazoned across the screen for 90+ minutes.


Cup tied and hog tied!

Poor Auba

Still do not quite understand the logic behind this one. If you play in a team in the Champions League and transfer to a team in the Europa League, you are all good. But, If you play in a team in the Champions League and transfer to a team in the Europa League and the team you played for in the Champions League get relegated to the Europa League, even though you haven’t played in the Europa League, you can’t play for your new team in the Europa League,

Sorry Pierre, no more European travels this season.

Mini mascots only!!

Steve with our Mascot still welcome in OZ

Ever wondered why Gunnersaurus is never present during European games? Well another odd UEFA ruling bans any mascot taller than a normal human. 

Gunnersaurus, you can jog on!


Nine is the Magic Magic number.

Nine is the Magic number

UEFA ‘OCD’ is in full effect here. The pitch must be mown in nine uniform lines, with the first four being exactly 5.5m wide.

That is a no to groundsman artistic flair then.

(Oh and the grass can’t be more than 30mm high)


No cashing in for Keepers.

UEFA limit the size of logos on goalie gloves to 20 square cm and have now extended this to include keepers head guards as well. 

Sorry Petr no extra cash heading your way.

The punishment for breaking any of these rules is not stated, but knowing UEFA, you’d probably get a couple of season ban, double what you get for minor misdemeanours such as racial abuse, match fixing etc.

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