‘They wanted it more’ – An Expression you should NEVER hear after the NLD

Looks defeated as his team were

Okay, I did give it large pre-match in an article, and I take it back, largely.

Yes, they were the better team. But power shift? Ha-ha…no. Last season, they finished above us, but then we won something. I strongly believe the same will occur this season. And they can cite who had the better season then….. Be assured that Juve won’t be as easy as Los Blancos, and City, United, and Chelsea, are still in FA Cup contention.  I know there will be many comments in response, and to answer you all, yes, you won and warranted your win. If we win something, and you don’t, I’ll say we achieved as big/great clubs do.

That said, they were the better team. Kane is world class, and should be deemed such based on his current form.

Nonetheless, pertaining to us, the tactical preparation was fine. Whilst Spurs had a strong midfield, our game clearly was to contain them, and limit their supply to Kane. The idea was right, but the execution wasn’t. Moreover:

  • Whilst we could sport a strong attack, PEA didn’t get the service, and had an unfair offside ruling.
  • Bellerin had a decent game, and our game plan was to contain them. In the first-half, we did such largely.
  • The first-half was pretty much equal, with lots of tackles, hard challenges, and almost a cat and mouse approach. Mr. Calendar Year could have scored a goal from a header, and overall at half-time, it was OK.
  • The second half though…wow. It was completely different. They battered us, in fairness, and we lacked much attacking impetus. To use an irritating cliché, Spurs wanted it more.
  • Kane scored early in the first half, and from then Cech saved us, greatly.
  • We had some chances in the latter second half, but Lacazette spurned them.

Spurned chances

Impressions/player ratings

So yes, they warranted their win indeed. We fell apart, and lacked the mentality to continue. As always, it was the same old mistakes occurring.

I won’t berate the manager here, but then it’s evident that the same pattern has taken place here.

Cech is still waiting for his 200th PL clean sheet, and we have to thank him for it not being more than just one for them.

Our defence was poor in the second half, and again due to our lack of organisation. I don’t see why this is so….well I do, but again it’s not the time to critique the manager.

Our midfield was poor in the second half also, and we didn’t maintain the defensive shape/structure to sustain this.

Our attack was limp and ineffectual, and we didn’t take our time to supply PEA. Ozil and Mkhi were not up to it, in my mind.

Cech 7

Bellerin 6

Kos 5

Mustafi 5

Monreal 5

Elneny 6

Wilshere 5

Xhaka 6

Ozil 5

Mkhitaryan 5

Aubameyang 6

Lacazette 5

Welbeck 5

Iwobi 5


Man of the match



Cech prevented a total thrashing

We could have lost by more, if not for him. He didn’t get his 200th clean sheet, however losing to that lot by four or five is never on. Never. We have him to thank for this.

This game is symptomatic of how we’re not mentally primed. If we’re seeing the same mistakes continually, then this is a pattern evident of something deeper. Are we being coached? I doubt it. Is is more of the same? Yes. Do we have leaders? It’s a common cliché these days, and something not just cited at Arsenal. But then it’s clear that we need some central direction, which is lacking from Wenger.

Losing to that lot is never good. But then it’s the manner of how we lost. Our second-half performance was woeful, and it’s time for change.

So, power shift? Let them win things consistently, then we’ll talk. They should realise that once Wenger goes, and we change things internally, then we won’t be as bad on the pitch.

That said, they won, and good luck to them. We need to focus on the Europa League, and get a European trophy. They haven’t got one in over a generation.

We need to play the very big guns in Sweden, and it’s time that our great (albeit maligned) manager won a European title.



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4 Responses to ‘They wanted it more’ – An Expression you should NEVER hear after the NLD

  1. Steven February 11, 2018 at 10:45 am #

    This is about the first sensible post I have read. It was refreshingly rant-free. Spurs did seem to want it more but to my mind the basic problem was that our midfield was overrun by bigger, more powerful opponents. We need a defensive a midfielder like Dembele in our side, someone who can hold off tackles and give our attacking players a platform.

    • marblehalls tv February 13, 2018 at 1:40 pm #

      I agree. Their midfield definitely has a better balance to it.

  2. Victor Thompson February 11, 2018 at 10:49 am #

    Wenger secured an extension to Ozil`s contract and pays £60m for Aubomeyang who came to us because we had signed his old mate Mikhitarien. All very encouraging? Not really! This is Wenger we are talking about.

    We faced our bitterest enemies in a game in which the winner`s future this season hung in the balance. 3 points and Spurs go into the top 3, whereas defeat subjects us to being outside the top 4 for another season. What could be any more important? For those who thought that Wenger had belatedly seen the light and made two very astute signings, there was a rude awakening.

    Ozil, in the last three months of this season has been on fire. He has looked the player who keeps the German national team ticking by pulling the strings from central midfield. Aubameyang gained his fearsome reputation as a goal scorer in the Bundeslige largely to the support from Mikhitarian in midfield. What does Wenger do with them? He moves Ozil to the right wing, where he had patently proved unfruitful throughout the previous banisment to that position. At the same time he moved Mikhitarian to the left wing as far from Aubameyang as he could.

    I could go on about the numerous other mistakes in the match mostly from Wenger but also the players. The problem is that by the time a scribe goes through the whole gambit of listing them, the reader is bored, so I will end by simply relying upon the above illustrations to highlight Wenger`s lack of knowledge, tactics or common sense. I firmly believe that those signings were engineered by someone other than Wenger. He either couldn`t take advantage of the gift he was given or he deliberately tried to sabotage the influence of whomsoever provided them.

    • marblehalls tv February 13, 2018 at 1:41 pm #

      The entirety of our issues are mentality, discipline, and in summation desire. Spurs turned up their desire more in the second half, and won accordingly. That said, I don’t think they will get top four. Chelsea will recover, and them and Liverpool all have the capacity for stutters.

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