Kroenke sucking the life out of Arsenal and its fans.


Kroenke the Parasite

Some fans say it’s the hope that kills you. But for me it’s the fact that there is no hope. I used to eagerly await the start to a new season. Not any more – Stan Kroenke the killer of sporting dreams has crushed all hope. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anyone more than I hate him.

Anyone who had ambition to bring success to Arsenal Football Club would have said the exact opposite to

“If you wanted to win championships then you would never get involved”.

What sort of man with any morals would get the city of St Louis to invest millions of dollars developing a site for a new stadium for the Rams to play NFL there. Only to pull the rug from under their feet and move the whole shebang thousands of miles away to Los Angeles because Kroenke thinks he can generate more revenue, leaving the fans in St Louis with broken promises and hearts as well as being left with an estimated $100 million in lost revenue, which has resulted in St Louis taking out three separate lawsuits to try and compensate for their losses.

Not popular with St Louis RAMS fans.

Not popular with St Louis RAMS fans.

Just to give an example of how heartless and callous Kroenke is take a look at this short news item about Kroenke buying a ranch and evicting elderly residents who’ve lived there for decades. One resident took his own life and blamed it on Kroenke in a suicide note.

Shame on the Arsenal Board of Directors who sold Arsenal Football Club down the river when they allowed this despicable man to take control of the club. Thank god Usmanov turned Kroenke down flat when he tried to buy his 30% share of the club. The small shareholders who own just 3% of the shares between them would have been forced to sell to Kroenke meaning he’d own the whole club lock, stock and barrel. With problems mounting over the building of the new stadium in Los Angeles, which is behind schedule, who’s to say Kroenke wouldn’t take money out the club. He could take it privately and hide what he’s doing as there’d be no report and accounts and no AGM to monitor what he’s doing with the club’s finances.

Usmanov the only thing standing between Arsenal and ruin.

Usmanov the only thing standing between Arsenal and ruin.

I think nearly every Arsenal fan wants another owner with ambition who wants to see Arsenal compete at the top, but is it feasible that he will sell when his investment hasn’t reached its zenith. As the vast populations of India, China and Africa become wealthier, more and more people will want to buy subscriptions to watch the Premier League, the greatest show on earth and Kroenke knows full well that the surface has only been scratched regarding the TV rights in those countries and there is plenty of scope for his investment in Arsenal to grow.

In the meantime Arsenal like all the rest of his sports businesses are left to drift aimlessly into mediocrity with lack of investment, with Stan’s dead hand on the tiller. Not caring if any of his teams win another damn thing, just as long as the profits keep rolling in and his investments grow.

While we stand still our rivals are plowing ahead. Manchester City owned by an oil rich country, the vast commercial operation that is Manchester United, both of them spending money like it’s going out of fashion on top of the range players. Chelsea and Tottenham with new stadiums on the horizon. We are no longer dining at the top table with Champions League fare on offer. Instead we are outside the restaurant with our noses pressed up against the glass watching others taking our place at the table. Is it any wonder that us Arsenal fans are feeling helpless and bereft of hope. We are stuck with a parasite of an owner, a hapless puppet board and a manager who was rewarded with a new two year contract when it’s plainly obvious that his best days are long gone and he is yesterday’s man taking the club backwards.

No Direction.

No Direction.

Sold the dream of building a state of the art gleaming new stadium, at the expense of our beloved Highbury. We were lied to when we were promised we were going to become a super club similar to Bayern Munich, to compete with with the biggest clubs on the planet, able to buy top quality players and retain our best players. This has turned into a nightmare with the club in an absolute mess on and off the pitch.

Herbert Chapman must be turning in his grave.

Am I royally pissed off about this? Too f****** right I am!


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7 Responses to Kroenke sucking the life out of Arsenal and its fans.

  1. Rob October 18, 2017 at 6:34 pm #

    I don’t live in England but we as arsenal fans have to get this guy out. We have to try boycott every game and buying merchandise until he goes

  2. chris October 18, 2017 at 6:51 pm #

    Someone please assassinate him. He exploits the loyalty of fans at Arsenal and (I understand ) in USA. He has nil feelings for fans – only for cash flow and profit.

  3. Masked Gunner October 19, 2017 at 6:10 am #

    Fans will still go to games but stop buying food and drink in the stadium and don’t buy any official merchandise. It’s the only thing this owner understands hard cash

  4. Habbsey October 19, 2017 at 11:05 am #

    surely the answer is to reduce his revenue stream,money is the only thing he cares about but Arsenal fans are loyal and even if they stop spending their hard earned cash on over priced ephemera from the club there are still plenty of tourists to take up the shortfall in revenue.This will only continue while Arsenal threaten to win things and eventuallyeveryone will wise up,as shakespeare said “you can fool all of the people some of the time…etc”the only trouble is that when people finally do wise up to kroenke will it be too late to save our club?or is it too late already?just think if he had acquired the Usmanov shares,Arsenal could feasibly be moved to MLS America and the emirates and the training ground sold off for development and what would the premier lge and FA do?nothing at all.The man is a cancer on our club and needs surgical removal

  5. Reg October 19, 2017 at 5:54 pm #

    8 years ago the BSM tried to warn everyone. Most ignored. Some accused us of being anti-wenger at the time and nothing said could change that attitude.
    We’ll if people had actually listened to what was said rather than what they think was said we may not be in this position.
    We’ll done you doubters you’ve got the club you deserve.
    It’s a long road back.

  6. wayne g October 19, 2017 at 6:53 pm #

    the club have been very clever

    they have priced out any fan with any fight or emotion and filled the stadium with familys daytippers tourists who will happily pay and spend £200 a visit

    if they do not turn up another tourist will

    the fans have been well and truly shafted and didnt see it coming

    this is basically social cleansing of a football club

    arsenal are fucked the club is fucked and worse of all the fans wont do a single thing about it.

    r.i.p arsenal (i realise there are a small % of fans who know who george graham is but they arent enough)

  7. Chris October 27, 2017 at 7:17 pm #

    Fucking parasitic arseholes bleeding our Club dry……..i saw all this shit coming decades ago….oh fuck how i wish i was wrong .R.I.P. The Arsenal….god fucking help us !!!!

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