Arsenal Podcasts – the Soundtrack to Gooners’ Insanity

Arsenal Podcasts – A Rough Guide

The new season is upon us and Arsenal fans are gearing up for another year of life under Wenger, with the main question being which month the title challenge will collapse this year. That’s a pessimistic view, of course, and at this time of year the season is still full of promise and potential. Plus there’s always the chance to win the FA Cup again. However it works out, it’s nice to have an aural accompaniment to the ups and downs of life as a Gooner. With that in mind, let’s check out some of the Arsenal podcasts out there.

Arsecast: Probably the most popular of the Arsenal podcasts on the list, the Arsecast reaches close to 500,000 for every podcast released. This is a very professional pod, hosted by Irishman Andrew Mangan, who is also behind the hugely popular arseblog site. Entertaining and informative, if you only have room in your life for one Arsenal podcast then it should probably be this one.

The Gooner Ramble: Set up by Ahkil Vyas and Giles Anyiam, the Ramble is one of the fastest-growing pods for those who just like pure football talk. All Arsenal matches are previewed and reviewed with the hosts, joined by other members of the Ramble Crew. Regulars include Amanda, our own Dave Seager and Warren @wozthegooner

ArseAmerica Podcast: Chris Toronyi hosts and produces the ArseAmerica Podcast from Los Angeles. Always entertaining and fast-moving, the ArseAmerica Podcast features a number of well-known Arsenal personalities, offering opinion and analysis weekly.

Footballistically Arsenal: Presented by Boyd Hilton – also of Heat magazine and movie reviewing fame – this is another high-quality podcast. Erudite if somewhat rambling chat about all matters Arsenal related, with some interesting nuggets in amongst the light-hearted banterings.

A Bergkamp Wonderland: A rolling gathering of Arsenal fans – helmed by regulars Danny and Gimli – go online to sort out the ills of the club via knowledgeable and informed chat. Occasionally voices get raised but it generally avoids falling into the trap of ending up as a bunch of angry people shouting each other down. Plenty of humour, and these guys don’t believe in keeping things brief so an episode of this podcast will take care of even the longest commute.

The Tuesday Club: This scabrous and sweary podcast fronted by funny-man (and Arsenal die-hard) Alan Davies is named after the boozy sessions the Arsenal old guard used to enjoy every week. Unfortunately this highly entertaining pod seems to have been despatched to the great audio file burial grounds, as there was only one episode released in 2017 and that was back in April.

Goonersphere: Not everybody’s cup of tea – Daniel Cowan and James Stoke host this ribald and rude humorous podcast for fans of the Arsenal. The language is a bit choice for younger listeners, and to say that they release the podcast sporadically is putting it mildly. When they do get around to making an episode it’s definitely worth a listen.

Have we missed out on your favourite Arsenal pod? Put us right in the Comments section below.

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  1. Tim August 4, 2017 at 8:32 pm #

    ArseAmerica podcast is quite dull to be honest. As an American I can’t stand listening to them. Prefer ABW, GoonersInUSA or Arseblog’s.

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