The Arsenal Captain’s Log Star Date 2017 and Lasagne Delivery for Anfield

The Captains Log Star  Date 2017

In the past 4 seasons The Arsenal have had 3 captains

2013-14 Thomas Vermaelen

2014-15 Mikel Arteta

2015-16 Mikel Arteta

2016-17 Per Mertesacker

In those 4 seasons The Arsenal have played 330 hours of football and in that period, the Arsenal captain has only played 45 hours of football. A measly 13% of possible game time.

In fact the last time an Arsenal captain managed to make the starting XI was 22nd November 2014, when Mikel Arteta started at home vs Man Utd.

Back in the days of Tony and Paddy we had a general who would bark his commands and scare the bejesus out of the opposition.

Then we had the Henry, Cesc, RVP era of inspiring through ability.

Now we’ve got, oldest gets the job, with a megaphone thrown in for free to relay instructions from the medical centre.

Moral of this story is, don’t get old and become Arsenal captain if you want to carry on playing. Unless you are happy with just picking up the FA Cup every couple of years, then it’s all cool.

A quick question:

Lasagne for Anfield

Anyone got any lasagne we can send to Anfield?

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