Arsenal Fans Are Singing Out Of Tune – Remember Victory Through Harmony?

Fans fight

Stop the fighting fellow Gooners….

I’m just here just to share my views with fellow Gooners.
I’m not a pontificator, and I cannot say what is

But one way I live my life is that nobody has all the answers. We all have opinions. Many of us have strongly-held opinions, I know I do. Though as nobody has every answer, I try to be open to change, and differences in views. To me, opinion and fact are distinct. It’s fact to say Ozil won the World Cup. It’s opinion to say if he is fit for Arsenal, or at least has performed to his true optimum. It’s fact Wenger is our most successful manager ever. It is opinion as to whether he should stay in the long-term.

So – since Wenger going or staying is ultimately an opinion (let’s be honest), why do we fight? Why do we argue? Why make ourselves look a comedy? And let’s be honest again, we ARE such at the moment.

We are all Arsenal, right? So how come we bicker, argue, and want to fight?

Time to go. (My OPINION. Not a FACT.)

Time to go. (My OPINION. Not a FACT.)

Wenger for me should go. He has done a lot for our club, and for that I am grateful. But I don’t think he has what it takes to progress. Though what would I gain from beating people up, for having the contrary opinion?

I also tend to think “empathy goes a long way”. Part of the reason there is conflict in the world, in any form, is not just groups having opposing views, but groups who cannot see the others’ perspective. This is why conflict has happened for millennia, because others have the “wrong” beliefs.

But then it can merely mean asking somebody “OK, why do you think Wenger should go/stay?” From there, a common dialogue can be formed. I have done this, and to be fair have gained some insight on why they think that way.

And people who have opposing views on the manager have the same ultimate wish, the best for Arsenal. This includes winning trophies, playing great football, and being successful.
With more empathy, there is less conflict and more togetherness.

Victory Through Harmony!

I’m not trying to sound like a guru, or that I’m smarter than everybody else, but these fights clearly have to stop, and showing empathy and understanding is one way to achieve this.

I will say that Wenger alone is not responsible. He is not controlling people to punch, via telepathy or something, Wenger Outs. Nor are Wenger Out people controlling their allies to punch Wenger Ins. We can feel something, but we can control how we respond or act on that impulse. A person can experience the worst and most vile verbal abuse, but not react physically or verbally. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

It is true that our performances too have made us look a joke. But then we fans are contributing to it too.

And a club with 29 trophies, a world class stadium, a global sporting brand and fan base, some globally-noted achievements and wins, a history of tactical innovations, and the seventh-highest turnover in the world, doesn’t deserve to be a laughing stock.

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2 Responses to Arsenal Fans Are Singing Out Of Tune – Remember Victory Through Harmony?

  1. Jones April 9, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Well said, thanks for taking the time to get this thoughts out. I hope more people can agree in disagreement but be committed to being one voice behind the team.


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