It shouldn’t have come to a protest against Wenger – but Arsenal fans are entitled to it

There has been a lot of discussion amongst supporters recently, regarding the proposed ‘Wenger out’ protest, due to take place prior to our home game against Bayern Munich. A protest that has sparked a combination of disapproval, anger and typically, abuse being aimed in the direction of those responsible for organising it and planning to attend it.

I have seen some supporters accusing those who are prepared to protest against Arsene, of having an agenda. The reality is that all of us have an agenda and that is for the club to be successful. The only thing that separates us, is that our views differentiate on how the club should go about its attempts to achieve success.

Another criticism of the scheduled protest, is that it lacks class. However, many of these disapproving supporters, are the same ones who are quick to verbally abuse or physically assault fellow Arsenal fans because of their opinions. Where is the class in behaving like that? Isn’t attacking Arsenal fans something we would expect from Spurs supporters?

Having managed us for over two decades, a lot of discussion has centred around Arsene deserving respect. I agree but we shouldn’t forget that he’s been handsomely rewarded, financially, for his services. Our supporters, on the other hand, have put in the time, the money and the miles to follow the team, all over the world, at our own expense. Don’t we deserve some respect too?

Don’t the fans deserve respect too?

Arsene frequently belittles us and insults our intelligence in press conferences, yet it’s the supporters who receive criticism for showing a lack of respect. Respect should be a two way street and at times, that hasn’t been the case. Whilst Arsene has been at the club for over twenty years, it shouldn’t be ignored that many of the supporters who want him gone, have been regularly attending games, both home and away, for double that length of time.

It has become increasingly evident that over the last few seasons, a growing number of supporters want a change of manager. It is also clear, that whilst that is the case, there are very few who are prepared to attempt to influence a change by protesting or publicly displaying their displeasure towards Arsene, inside or outside the stadium. This has never been more evident than when a mini protest took place during the game against Norwich last season.

The moment banners began to be held up, a chorus of “there’s only one Arsene Wenger” started to echo around the stadium. The reason? Simply because many supporters found it disrespectful, including those who no longer have any faith in Arsene. It would appear that the majority of the Arsenal fans, are content to spend hours complaining on social media but will not actively attempt to do anything about the situation. Foolishly allowing themselves to look like hypocrites in the process.

Having held and participated in numerous social media voting polls, the results have on average, been 95% in favour of supporters wanting a change of manager. However, on average, only 35% said that they would be prepared to join a protest against Wenger. At this juncture, I will categorically state that I am by no means, claiming that these results provide conclusive evidence of the majority opinion amongst our entire fan base.

Most can only moan on social media

These results are based solely on the polls conducted within the Arsenal fan groups, that I’m a member of, on social media. It would of course, be impossible to get an accurate figure on the percentage of Arsenal supporters, who do want Arsene replaced. They do however, support my comments about there being few amongst those who do want a change, actually being prepared to get up off their backside and try to force one. Quite ironic when one of their biggest criticisms, is that Arsene spends too much time sitting on his backside, during games.

The majority of us who feel Arsene’s time is up, fully accept that his departure might lead to a period where we are worse off than we currently are. Despite this, if it’s a case of taking two steps backwards in order to move three steps forward in the long term, then it’s something I’m prepared to endure. I look forward to the time where the outcome of our season, is exciting and unpredictable. Opposed to the current Groundhog Day scenario every year, where our title hopes are over, long before the end of the season.

Nobody wanted it to reach the stage where anyone found it necessary to protest against him but those who don’t want Arsene to sign a contract extension, are entitled to make it clear how they feel. I don’t wish any harm on Arsene and if I met him, I’d be courteous and perhaps a little bit in awe. However, I can’t face another two, three or four more years of underachievement on the pitch and the bitter infighting off it.

Top four may be everything to some but it’s not to me. I take no enjoyment in qualifying for a competition that we have no real hope of winning. If we miss out occasionally, once Arsene has gone, is it really the end of the world? I accept that not everyone will agree with the protest and if you don’t, that’s fair enough. Stay in the pub and let those who do agree with it, get on with it. Opinions are like ars*holes, we all have one….

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5 Responses to It shouldn’t have come to a protest against Wenger – but Arsenal fans are entitled to it

  1. Ken March 6, 2017 at 10:03 am #

    Agree 100% with what you say.
    Nevertheless there is one point that need to be said. Wenger is a greedy bastard who does not want to leave coaching despite the fact that there is no progress. In fact he is keen to sign a new contact and continue with the same shit.
    When we won the FA cup everyone thought that Wenger has got the point that we need to invest in proven players and he will build on that success to challenge for the title. Once he got his extension he reverted to his old self and renewed the contract of all the deadwood: Walcott, Gabriel, Jenkinson, Gibbs etc. These players are unsellable.
    He is starting Iwobi week in week out: Same for the ineffective Coquelin, plays players out of position, reinstate Giroud in the strikers role. Now we are facing a slow start every game. How is it so?
    My guess, either he is too old to coach the team or he has too many duties to perform for the club and neglecting his tactician role.
    Either way it is time for him to go, and if he does not then it is our duty to force him out to save our beloved club from the mediocrity that he (Wenger ) is settling.

  2. James Parkins March 6, 2017 at 11:37 am #

    Completely agree with this article, too many of our fans are scared to put their mony where their mouth is in terms of actually doing something more constructive than saying Wenger out blah blah on Twitter! Wenger has no respect for us so f**k him!

  3. Victor Thompson March 6, 2017 at 12:49 pm #

    Nick, I agree 100% with all you have said. I have written the same myself, or variations of your opinion for a long time now.

    After the LIverpool result and the other weekend results, it looks as if we shall finish outside the top 4. We have the hardest run in of any of the other three. Additionally, I dont think anyone can argue that Utd. are playing much better than us nowadays. Even Everton have improved since they beat us comprehensively, so unbelievably we may actually be lucky to finish in the top 6! Is that what the AKB brigade want? Are they content with that?

    Now we are likely to lose Sanchez and Ozil. We would have needed to buy one or two players of that calibre each year to stay in the running for all the big prizes. If they go, we shall need five to replace them and some of the dead wood we have now. If we don`t qualify for Europe, what top player is going to come to Arsenal when we couldn`t win anything with Ozil and Sanchez? On top of that there is the toxic atmosphere at the club which Wenger caused.

    I`m afraid that our future is bleak and the only way to change things is for Arsene to notify the Board now that he will leave at the end of the season and begin immediately to find a replacement. At least there would be a chance of some optimism before next season. This season is already over.

  4. Juel March 6, 2017 at 4:39 pm #

    This was a good read. I have been saying that Wenger isn’t the man to take us to the highest level since 2008. You can see that he does not possess the skills to pick the right tactics for the different opponents we face. He always picks his favourite players i.e. Ramsey, iwobi etc. He doesn’t like confrontation so he picks 2 different keepers for the league and champions league. Players play well in positions then they get moved around like chamberlain this season. The Liverpool team selection was probably the worst I have seen him do. Liverpool lost to Leicester due to them having pace upfront. What does Wenger do? He sticks on giroud and puts Sanchez on the bench. The coq/xhaka in the middle hasn’t ever worked but he still puts that in. We need someone to drive the ball forward and one to defend. That’s why cazorla has been missed so badly. This season has all been a shambles which didn’t need to happen but what do I know? I have never managed a game in my life and also it’s my fault for making the toxic atmosphere. Arsenal have become a laughing stock now and the amount of stick we get is all down to this man. Okay the board may not be great but you have to start from the manager to get it right on the pitch then work on things from there.

  5. Goonertux March 7, 2017 at 10:16 am #

    See your season out boss and announce it before the end of the season so you can have the send off you rightly deserve.
    Time for you to say, yes I can’t do anymore here, the club’s financially stable and can now build into a powerhouse, turn the light off and drive home for the last time.

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