Choose The Arsenal, Choose Life – A ‘T2’ Tribute to the Mighty Gunners

Choose The Arsenal, Choose Life


“Choose life, Choose Class, History, The Arsenal and know that the true fans there really do care.


Choose putting your faith in Arsene and The Arsenal, knowing you wouldn’t really have it any other way.

Choose watching at the Emirates every week. 

Choose the trials. Choose the tribulations, the success, and the failures. 

Choose Arsenal when they win, choose Arsenal when they lose.

Choose the same for your kids, celebrate the joy and dull the pain with a dose of the drug known as The Arsenal Football Club.

Then take a deep breath. 

You are an addict so be addicted. And be addicted to The Arsenal. 

Choose the ones you love. 

Choose Arsenal. 

Choose life.”

Small plug below for the original text, can’t wait for Australian premier 🙂


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