Lewin in and Lewin out at Arsenal? As Gary wants his old job back!!

Lewin with Wenger at his first game in charge

“Arsene, it Gary, Gary Lewin, how are you me old mucker”

“Bonjour Gary, I’m good, how are you? Are England treating you well?”

“Well Arsene, as it happens, not so good. You see, they’ve appointed the pizza guy as England manager…

Bloke from Pizza ad

And, well, it looks like I’m out of a job”

“That’s poor form, you’ve seen England through all the Euro & World Cup debacles and the balls up that was Big Sam and then they dump you like a Spurs out of the Champions League”

Well, that’s the reason for my call, you see, I was wandering, whether, you know, if I could, like, have my old job back

Old job back

“Well, there lies the problem Gary. As you know, your cousin Colin is the present incumbent, on your recommendation I might add, and, to put it bluntly, he’s not been a total success. Under his stewardship, Jack has had more injuries than Maureen has had touchline bans and he just gave up on poor Abo. I’ve told him that Advil doesn’t cure everything, but he just won’t listen.”

Yeah boss, sorry about all that. You see, my Aunty told me he’d spent 4 years at college learning physiotherapy. I just didn’t know it was the Manchester City School of Medicine. IF IT’S BROKE, CHUCK MORE MONEY AT IT.

“That’s cool Gary, you weren’t to know. The problem is I haven’t seen him for a couple of days. I think he went to pick up his latest delivery of Advil and he’s just disappeared.”

Boss, I’ve got a plan. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box, I’ll sit at his desk and when he returns, he’ll think he’s already sat there and go home

Cunning plan



“Gary you have a deal”

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