The Interlull is Over (thank god) – Fantasy Gunnerstown Part 1


Thank God, the interlull is over and the season can start, again, in earnest.

To all you who entered the Fantasy Gunnerstown League, thank you.

The rest of you….why not?


Congrats to Graham Hayward and his “Fish Chops XI” for taking out Fantasy Gunnerstown  Part 1, with a massive 1 point lead over his closest rival.


Unfortunately, we were unable to contact Graham to congratulate him personally, but we did manage to speak to his brother-in-laws, nephews, next door neighbours milkman who said;

“Graham is stoked, it’s a great honour . But it’s a long season and he isn’t counting his chickens”


To prove that some of the Gunnerstown team know their stuff;

Joe Dodge-Taylor is sitting pretty in 3rd and

Danny Ryan is flying high in 9th.


However, the rest of the writers are re-enforcing the well known fact that we don’t know sh!te about football management.


53rd – Wellmington

56th – Andrea Rosati

57th – Tim Hargreaves

72nd – Dave Seager


Still as Graham’s brother-in-laws, nephews, next door neighbours milkman said;

“It’s a long season, don’t count your chickens”


Remember to keep your team up to date (you could be sad like me and add a weekly reminder in you calendar) and you could be in with a chance to win a signed copy of our esteemed boss’s latest book.

‘Supporting Arsenal is a funny old game’


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Until nest time……


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