Player prices go ballistic but are Wenger’s signings ‘Wyett’ so atrocious?


According to certain a hack from a certain so called newspaper (JFT96);

Arsenal have panicked

Arsenal fans are deluded, and

Wenger is clueless.


Now we all know that Perez wasn’t our first choice (Madness = Greizmann ?) but he was always on the radar. Apparently, first scouted in December 2015.

Mustafi just took time due to Arsene always wanting HIS valuation and Xhaka was sorted months ago.


The hack, doesn’t mention any other clubs in his rant and therefore must believe that all their signings are world class and will win all of them the Leauge.


So I thought I’d try and run a comparison between the top big fours signings, as best I can position to position.

In order of position at the end of 2015/16 season, (always good to remember the order!!)



Arsenal – Mustafi (CB), Xhaka (CM), Perez (CF)

Man City – Stones (CB), Gundogan (CM), Nolito (Agudo Duran) (CF)

Man United – Bailley (CB), Pogba (CM), Zatlan (CF)

Chelsea –  Luiz(CB), Kante (CM), Batshuayi (CF)


Spend: (3 players in question only)

Arsenal – £86 million

Man City – £82 million

Man United – £119 million

Chelsea – £98 million


So spend wise, pretty much of a muchness

Well except United, but hey that’s what £89 mill does to your bank balance.


Lies, damned lies and statistics, but it’s all we have to go on.

Bringing up the rear…


1 nil to The Arsenal


Bossing the middle of the park


Even Stevens


Banging them in up top


Ok Zatlan, with a photo finish for second


The Arsenal trio might not be the world named players the red top hacks demand Arsenal buy, but these boys ain’t that shabby when compared to the rest of the £1.1 billion movers and shakers.

So wind your neck in and stop using supposed professional media outlets for personal agendas.



Xhaka £34 million

Sissoko £30 million


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