Stanley get your Knife out – Cut the purse strings because Alexis is no 9

Leicester 0-0 Arsenal

I’m sorry Arsene but Alexis does not address the elephant in the room and will not keep Stan that extra £50m extra in the bank.


Sanchez is not a number 9.


Not that he’s not good enough, far from it. He wants to be involved, he wants to create.

Because he is not getting the ball, he drops deep to pick it up and start the play, his natural position.

And what does that mean …. No one up front and no one scoring goals.

Whatever you think of Giroud, he does fill the number 9 remit, he scores goals (20+ a year), runs the channels and gets the knock downs for on rushing players, such a Alexis.

So as I said last week, only now with even less time on our hands, we need a centre forward to assist/compliment Giroud, so that we don’t waste a player of Alexis’s world class talent in the wrong position.

Stanley get your knife out, cut the purse strings and sanction Wenger’s spending.


The options are limited, many deals have been done, but players are available and all clubs and players have a price, we just have to suck it up and pay the extra as our penance for dithering, again.


Also, I know the song goes,

“We all follow the Arsenal, over land and sea, and Leicester”.

But when did following the Arsenal, mean fighting amongst ourselves, again.


We all know the animosity between the AKB and WOB clans has reached Fever Pitch, but we should be portraying a united front, especially as everyone else wants to us fail.

King Punching ourselves in the King Power just means the haters gunna hate Gunners (even more).

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