Arsenal have most Expensive Players in 3 Euro Squads but who has dearest Squad

The Most expensive Squad is Belgium

The Most expensive Squad is Belgium

Belgium has the most expensive squad at UEFA Euro 2016, according to a new study by matched betting firm Profit Accumulator. Therefore, if money equals success, a bet on Belgium could go a long way. The club is over £50M ahead of other teams, winning the title of most expensive squad at Euro 2016, with a total value of £318.9M. Each player has an average value of £13.9M.

England has third most expensive squad costing £189 million whilst Wales has the eighth priciest squad at tournament with Gareth Bale accounting for 63% of overall squad value!

The study looked at the most recent transfer fees paid for the 23 players representing each nation in France, it found that Marc Wilmots’ squad is worth £318.9m – putting them ahead by a clear margin of the next most valuable squads from Germany (£264.5m), England (£189.7m) and France (£183m).

Jack part of 3rd most expensive 23

Jack part of 3rd most expensive 23

According to the statistics, Belgium’s 23 players have an average last price of £13.9m, headed by Kevin de Bruyne of Man City (£55m), Christian Benteke of Liverpool (£32.5m) and Eden Hazard of Chelsea (£32m).

In comparison the England squad, whose players have an average price tag of £8.2m – is headed by Raheem Sterling, following his £44m move last summer from Liverpool to Manchester City.

Wales are 8th on the list (£136m), with Gareth Bale (£86m) accountable for 63% of the squad value, followed by Republic of Ireland in 12th (£47.9m), and Northern Ireland near the bottom in 19th (£16.4m).


The study also found:

  • The 552 players at the tournament were collectively last transferred for just over £2.2bn, giving the average player a value of £3.99m.
  • Bottom of the table is Ukraine, whose squad has a combined transfer value of just £6.2m, with Albania (£9.08m) and Hungary (£12m) making up the bottom three
  • There will be 97 Premier League players at Euro 2016, among 133 from English clubs. This tops the 65 from Germany’s Bundesliga, 57 from Italy’s Serie A, 35 from Spain’s La Liga and 23 from France’s Ligue 1. The players from the English clubs are collectively most valuable at £953m, followed by the players from the Spanish clubs (£430m).
  • Manchester City are the employers of the most expensive Belgian player Kevin de Bruyne (£55m), the most expensive English player (Raheem Sterling, £44m) and the most expensive French player (Eliaquim Mangala, £42m).
  • Arsenal are the employers of the most expensive German player (Mesut Ozil, £42.5m), the most expensive Swiss player, (newly signed Granit Xhaka, £35m) and the most expensive Czech, Petr Cech (£11m).
Arsenal's Xhaka the most expensive Swiss

Arsenal’s Xhaka the most expensive Swiss

  • Real Madrid are the employers of the two most valuable players at Euro 2016, the most expensive players every bought, Gareth Bale (£86m) and Cristiano Ronaldo (£80m). If Ronaldo and Bale were a team on their own they would be the sixth most expensive in the tournament and together are more expensive than the entire Italy squad.
  • Gareth Bale, as the world’s most expensive player, is worth more than Poland, Romania, Hungary, Albania and Ukraine collectively.

Sam Stoffel, Founder and Managing Director of Profit Accumulator, said: “With Euro 2016 kicking off in just a matter of days, we thought it would be interesting to assess the value of each squad using data for the last time each player was transferred to a new club.

“With Europe’s top leagues being awash with money, this is an interesting look at what countries have the most expensive players. Whilst Belgium are not many people’s favourites to win EURO 2016, a look at how valuable their squad is may cause some to think again. “

All data included in the study was sourced via official club documents and reputable news sources.


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