If Robbie Savage was on the Arsenal Board – This time next year we’ll be millionaires!!

Now Robbie Savage states that, “Arsenal’s board have a decision to make – do they want three more years like this (season) or do they want trophies?” and that; If he was on the board at Arsenal, he would grasp the nettle this summer and bring in a new manager.


Robbie Savage: The well respected pundit


Savage’s highly original and respected view (does my sarcasm come through??) is based on three blatantly obvious facts;

1 – Arsenal blew their best chance in ten years to win the title and will finish in (their usual) fourth and (as usual) were knocked out in the last 16 of the Champions League.


2 – Wenger will be the oldest manager in the Premier League next season.

Then and now

That was then and  this is now


3 – Our four main rivals will have new managers next season;

Klopp at Liverpool

Conte at Chelsea

Pepe at City

Maureen (probably) at ManUre;

and therefore will be buzzing at the start of next season.

Arsenal will still have Wenger and will be a tired act.


The four horsemen of the apocalypse?


I thought I’d take this opportunity to respond to Mr Savages comments.

1 – No shit Sherlock, how long did it take you to come up with that fact. No one else on the planet was aware of that, until you said it …..

2 – Obviously, experience counts for nothing in Mr Savages books and it’s not as if 66 is bloody ancient now, is it.

3 – Conversely (it’s a big word Robbie, look it up) our four main rivals, will be in transition. All rebuilding from a lower starting point than Arsenal, in most cases looking to change up to 50% of their starting, ageing teams and all, except one, have little or no experience of managing in the Premier League.


Oh yeah, remember Robbie (if things don’t go seriously Pete Tong over the next 5 games and Sunday didn’t help this cause) Arsenal finished above all of our traditional rivals and, in all the pundits eyes, we’ve been crap this year. Think about that for a minute!!!!

No matter what has been written by bloggers all over the Goonerverse and what your view on Wenger is, we all know that Arsene is going to be around for one more season (at least).

So, you COULD take the view that, we get continuity, we get stability and we get to hit the ground running in August.

And therefore, Season 16/17 could actually be the best chance of a title in years.

And therefore, the way to take advantage of this advantage, is to buy the minimum 2 (preferably 3) players we need, (centre back, centre midfield and centre forward), kick on, win the title, kill the elephant in the corner, crush the monkey on our backs and let Wenger retire in the glory he deserves.


Whatever happens, this time next year you’ll be millionaires !!

So it’s now down to Wenger and the board, to grasp the nettle for next season, so we can start again in August buzzing and maybe this time next year we’ll be millionaires !!


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4 Responses to If Robbie Savage was on the Arsenal Board – This time next year we’ll be millionaires!!

  1. A April 19, 2016 at 9:46 am #

    There is so many mediocre players who are making careers out of punditry in football and it’s joke. Savage, jenas, that guy from Stoke and bitter ex players and managers merson Thompson, carragher it’s hard watching a game on tv.

    Arsenal in the last two games have brought on walcott, giroud,and ramsey all said to be match winners but they have done nothing

    That shows the problem. They don’t perform when they start and they don’t impact offor the bench either it’s a massive concern

    I would like to see Campbell start or come on again to West Bromwich

    Welbeck last two games has been average and this is why we need a striker. I don’t know who but someone who will put at least two of the chances ozil creates in match

    Walcott came on the other day and the souare just held off him 5 yards and walcott couldn’t do anything he ended up losing the ball in his feet !

    Giroud – thanks but goodbye. You talk the big talk but you are not a big game player.

    Ramsey – the talent is there , the discipline isn’t in terms of keeping the ball and helping in the midfield role. Maybe it will be good for him to move on also.

    Sell them , buy and promote with in. Gnabry has looked good in reserves

    It’s been an annoying season but maybe the blessing in disguise is that wenger realises that some of his key players need to be moved on. If we won the title he would have believed no change was required and next season could have been worse for example Chelsea. Who incidentally have no European football next season meaning a free run at the league

    So yeah I am gutted how this unfolded but I am gutted at the players who let us down

    As for pundits most of them are wankers.

  2. Wellmington April 19, 2016 at 12:22 pm #

    As you say most pundits are wankers, the only one I had any respect for was Gary Neville, but he’s gonna struggle to ever criticise a manager again.
    Players, Theo is turning/has turned into a joke, personally I’d keep Giroud and Wellbeck as back up for a serous goalscorer
    Rambo is a quandary, not performing but when he does he is a quality player, but if the right money comes in ??

    Don’t really understand what Campbell has done wrong to no have a first team spot,

  3. A April 19, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

    None of them are bad players. They have just become fa cup players and they cannot help us when things are not going our way. None of them digs in

    It’s a shame regarding theo it really is. It hasn’t helped when someone is injured on the flanks and he has to play there but he never did enough for the manager to say theo has to start up front. That season he got injured against Spurs in the fa cup I thougt he would make it but it wasn’t to be.

    Ramsey – wanted central midfield but I am thinking he is saying he wants ozil’s role.

    If we can clear some of these players it would be good for us. Carzola as much as I like should be on the bench and should only come on for ozil or if we need more creativity.

    El neny and coquelin looked good. Not writing Gabriel off because everybody said the same about koscielny and they were clearly wrong.

    Mertersacker has to be replaced he has been awful in games against Chelsea, Liverpool and United. Games we should have won.

    Just really let down by a group of players who have been at arsenal 5 years or longer. Which isn’t good as it shows they are not reliable and will implode

    Here’s to next season

  4. Alex Field April 19, 2016 at 5:09 pm #

    The biggest Twunt is the stale old goat manager who needs to fuck off the senile old twonk fucking getting me down the cont

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