Eurovision Leak: Arsenal’s Sad Sack Season Songs

Its Monday morning and I’m sat on the ferry to work and I been told by a good source of mine that Arsenal are to enter the Eurovision Song Contest, to ensure they keep their continuous run in Europe going.
Totally reliable source also informed me that the shortlist of songs are as follows:

4 Seasons in 1 day – Crowded House
For the first 10 minutes (Summer): we are full of optimism and hope
The next 30 mins (Autumn): We pass the ball around, take control, look the bomb.
30 mins (Winter): We relax, switch off and get punished.
20 mins (Spring): We attack, mount a challenge but ultimately fall short.

Oh Carroll – Neil Sedaka
Oh Carroll I Am But a Fool
Don’t expect you to start
And you hat trick was so cruel

Forever blowing bubbles -Dean Martin
They fly so high, nearly reach the sky
Then our title dreams, they fade and die


Blue Monday: New Order
Now I stand here waiting…
I thought you said we’d win trophies, I thought you said we’d compete
Arsene you now know how we feel, as the cabinet grows cold, grows cold, cold.


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