How Löw can we go? “The Right Way” is a cul-de-sac

How Löw can we go?

February Fever has turned into March Madness, it’s all gone Pete Tong, again and I’m afraid to say but I think the time has finally come.

Loyalty comes at a price and I believe it is a price we have now paid.

Arsene has a mission statement “The Right Way” and for the past 20 this has served us well.

Play the game “The Right Way”
Arsene has installed the ethos that runs through the club. A skilful, passing game, that all players adopt at all levels, so that when you reach the first team you know what is expected and the transition is easier (latest example being Alex Iwobi). A fitness regime (ignoring potential injury issues), a diet regime, player monitoring, the list goes on. Wenger has modernised football as we know it and the club (and the rest of the league) is better for this.

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An incredible selection of authentic Arsenal shirts at amazing prices!

Run the club “The Right Way”
Arsene has managed the club finances, Arsenal spend what we earn. We haven’t sold our soul to the oil barons of Qatar of the Russian Maria to ‘buy’ our titles. We haven’t gambled our future on what might be and disappeared like Leeds United. We’ve self financed one of the best stadiums in the world, sold when we’ve had to (normally at the right juncture in the players career) and brought when we needed too (well most of the time). We’ve not been held to ransom on wages or fees and because of this we have the financial stability to stand the club in good stead, long after the uber rich get bored of their play things and want their money back.

The Right Way has worked, under Wenger, Arsenal have won;
3 Premier League titles, including The Golden Premier League trophy,
6 FA Cups, 2 of which were double seasons,
Reached 2 European finals;and
Are on the best financial footing of any top team in Europe.

But, in the past few years, football has moved on and Arsenal have been left behind.
We’ve survived, we’ve stayed in the top 4, we’ve qualified for Europe , but we’ve lost our way.
The football is still beautiful to watch, but we’ve lost the cutting edge and the opposition have worked out how to counteract it.
I’m afraid to say, Arsene has lost his aura and he’s reached the end of the road.
I respect everything he has done for the club, but the time has come and new blood is required at the helm.

Arsene deserves every ounce of adulation for all that has done for the club and the outrageous abuse that is currently flying around is abhorrent and any true Arsenal fan should have no part of it.

This then brings us to WHO?
We’ve missed the boat on two prime candidates, Klopp and Pep, and we don’t want Maureen anywhere near the Marble Halls.
In my humble opinion, the club should show intent and throw all their efforts in securing one man…

Joachim Löw;
With a focus on fast, offensive football , Herr Löw has taken Klinsmanns Germany to the next level, culminating in the total demolition job of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup semi and lifting the trophy in a 1-0 over Argentina in the final.
He is a manager who believes in youth development and should have the kudos to attract and keep big name players.
The style of football would not be a massive change and Joachim’s teams a renowned for their goal scoring, something we have been sparky lacking recently.

Thanks for everything Arsene, say helLöw to Joachim.

The King is dead, long live the King!!

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One Response to How Löw can we go? “The Right Way” is a cul-de-sac

  1. Tim Hargreaves March 15, 2016 at 9:28 am #

    I like Löw’s brand of football but I can’t see him leaving the German National Team unless they completely tank the Euros, which I strongly doubt.

    Sadly, I feel SK will have a much stronger (interfering) hand in the next managerial appointment – he will want a “Yes” Man, something I don’t think Löw is.

    Also, the opposition fan songs and chants when Löw starts to lose a match for Arsenal would be terrible, e.g. “I Want To Know What Löw is”, “Where Is The Löw”, etc. etc.

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