FROM ZEROUD TO HEROUD Olivier Giroud – the hat-trick pony.


So happy that Oli is getting shown some love. He’s a desperately under-rated player. It’s a classic example of being so blinded by what you WANT, that you can’t see what you HAVE.

Despite all the negative attention, the criticism, the injuries and the impossible expectation – Olivier believed in himself and gave us a world-class performance against Olympiacos.

The Dutch Skunk dragged us through a season – well, Olivier dragged us into the knockout rounds of football’s most glamorous competition. And single-handedly saved us form the ignominy of Europa Thursdays – the traditional stomping ground of that lot down the road. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

Gooners were wondering who would be the Trojan Horse that would bring us victory in Athens. Turns out it was ollie the one-trick mule, heavy with the burden of our universal scorn.

Well – mule no more, you’re a hat-trick stallion.

Here’s my Gunners Town Tribute Screensaver/Wallpaper for Oli

image1 (2)

Oli G – 157 Appearances for the Gunners and 71 Goals a ratio of 0.45

For context the man Wenger compared him to and 2 times Golden Boot Winner and Title winner Alan Smith

played 347 times for his 115 goals for a ratio of 0.33. Smudger is considered a Club Legend and rightly so


3 Responses to FROM ZEROUD TO HEROUD Olivier Giroud – the hat-trick pony.

  1. linda December 10, 2015 at 5:59 pm #

    When was he ever Zeroud? You are talking here abiut a man who scored 22 goals for Arsenal in his first season and he was on his way to 20 plus goals in his second season when injury struck and took him out for three months. Even then he gave us double digit goal tally. This season he has already clocked 12 goals on the board. He cannot,, therefore be defined by just one hattrick and only a fool can append a label like Zeriod on him. Yes we have a lot of them among the Gooner clan led by Piers Morgan. I’m happy Garry Neville has debutted as coach. I am curious to see if he will do any better than Wenger or van Gaal he so loved to criticize and act like he was more knowkedgeable and smarter than. Scholes, Jammie Radknapp, Savage, Micheal Owen and their ilk should also step up to the dug out and stop spewing bile on tv studios.

    • Dave Seager December 10, 2015 at 6:16 pm #

      It is not what we think nut he is maligned wrongly by many

    • Batmandela December 10, 2015 at 6:36 pm #

      Olivier Giroud has borne the brunt of some very harsh criticism despite, as you point out, some very good numbers.

      Ypu wouldn’t have to dig too deep to find headlines proclaiming OG to be a flop. So I’m not sure who your comment is directed at..?

      As Dave points out: it’s not our view here on GT.

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