Why Benzema is the perfect final Piece to the Arsenal Jigsaw

Rumours won;t go away

Rumours won;t go away

Rumours of Benzema joining seem to be growing by the day and whilst I am sceptical of how valid all of this may be, I’m quite excited by the prospect.

I have to say that there’s not a single striker in Europe more suitable to our needs right now than Benzema. This doesn’t mean he’s the best CF in Europe but he’s a higher requirement than any other player out there, I include Suarez, Ibrahimovic and Aguero and I’ll explain why.

Despite being in the top 5 CF’s in the world he’s certainly behind the 3 aforementioned and in my opinion he lies at 4th best in Europe. As amazing as those other CF’s would be for us they’d also take a bit away from our game too because they’re all individualistic. It might be a tad harsh on Suarez as he’s a good team player but Benzema is a lot more selfless.

Whether we like it or not a lack of selfishness is instilled into our game and is very important to not deter too far away from this. Alexis Sanchez currently holds the spot for our ‘ball-hogger’ and rightly so as he’s our star attacker and works as hard as anyone. Having more than 1 greedy star player could unbalance things. Benzema’s style of play could still allow Alexis Sanchez to remain our star man whilst also taking the load off his shoulders.

Other more realistic players that have been linked and some supporters seem open to bringing in are Lacazette and Aubameyang mainly because of their speed but that makes very little sense seeing as we have Walcott who’s also a limited speed merchant (not a criticism) but at least proven in the Premier League.

This player’s attributes we have in Theo

These types of players will take away from Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky & Walcott’s use in the side. All these players like to play off the front man and brought into play in dangerous areas around the penalty box. This is something Giroud does well but his lack of directness and individual ability hinders us when things get tight.

Right now it’s about finding that bit in between and that’s exactly where Karim Benzema lies. His combination play is excellent, even better than Giroud’s (Ronaldo will be the first to confirm this), he has spontaneous ability where he can produce the spectacular out of nothing and he can run in behind at will…. PERFECT!

Ronaldo would confirm unselfish nature of Karim’s game and combination play

He’s a very complete player and his attributes caters to all Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky etc…

Continuity is important for what we’ve built in the last couple of years so bringing in a similar but a much more superior player to Olivier Giroud with other greater attributes he can add I think he’ll slot in nicely especially with his good friend Oil here and our existing French contingent.

I hope you now understand why, in my view he is the final piece to the jigsaw and hopefully agree that he should be no. 1 priority for us in what’s left of this window. He’ll elevate us to a greater level I have absolutely no doubts about that.

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3 Responses to Why Benzema is the perfect final Piece to the Arsenal Jigsaw

  1. Timothy Hargreaves August 5, 2015 at 8:17 am #

    Hi Subomi

    I couldn’t disagree more with your blog. The “rumours”, in my opinion, seem to be media-concocted to draw in clicks and page views as the media have never been fond of Giroud (or Arsenal really) for the most part. AW also has a number of young forwards coming through the club in Alex Iwobi and the now-loaned Chuba Akpom (Akpom signed a 4 year deal a few months ago) whose chances of making a first-team impact would be dented if Benzema was signed.

    Benzema’s agent has denied any rumour of a transfer anywhere twice. The Real Madrid President is also a strong admirer of Benzema and Benzema himself loves playing for Real Madrid and will not currently seek a move away in my opinion, so it would be the Real Madrid President’s decision as to whether an offer for Benzema would be accepted.

    Benzema’s price tag will inevitably be sky-high anyway, which will put AW and Arsenal off signing him. Benzema, in my opinion, is more likely to go to Manchester City in the unlikely scenario if he does leave Real Madrid, as City have sold or are in the process of selling 3 strikers this window in Dzeko, Jovetic and Negredo, thus they will pay hugely for a striker replacement.

  2. Anshuman August 5, 2015 at 9:23 am #

    maybe include Lewandowski in your top strikers list before Benzema as 4th?

    Also, irrespective of “suitability” as you describe it, Arsenal would buy any of Suarez/Aguero/Lewandowski in a hearbeat if they were available. As we have seen time and again, we always change our game to accomodate the striker. We use Adebayor as the target man, Giroud as well, we use walcott as a counter attacking advanced striker, RVP as a “9 1/2” sitting in between the false nine and ten roles and Henry as a complete lone striker. Our game plans changed accordingly and we shuffled other talents as needed. Our midfield changes positions out of skill and our defenders change ’em to cover for injuries. doesn’t matter.

  3. Subomi August 5, 2015 at 2:03 pm #

    Benzema is an all-round better player than Lewandowski who battles for 5th with Costa and Cavani.

    Also we don’t change our game plan. Wenger headed in the target-man direction a while back, since Adebayor as you mentioned and rarely have we derailed from that.

    Van Persie & Ade was a partnership but in terms of roles not too different to Henry-Bergkamp with 1 playing as deep-lying and other advanced.

    RVP then successfully played the lone role which was a surprise but Chamakh was also an option

    Recently though we’ve headed in a certain direction and the likes of Ramsey and Walcott’s influence have grown so Arsène will have that in mind and seek continuity.

    Of course we’d take Aguero, Suarez etc.. but Benzema is a better requirement to take our recent style of play up a notch

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