It’s goodbye to Diaby and I wish it was goodbye to Scholes

Two stories have caught my eye this week…


1 .  Never can say goodbye

After 3339 days at the club & 1554 days chatting with Doctor Lewin, it looks like Abou is finally being set free.

Sad to say goodbye...

Sad to say goodbye…


Personally I find this very sad news. I truly believe that Diaby could’ve / should’ve been a legend at The Arsenal. He should’ve been the box to box link we need between (the reborn) Le Coq & Alexis Carzozil.

On his day, when fit, he is one of the most mobile, clinical & aggressive players in the centre of the park, everything you need in a ‘box 2 box’. When he’s fit he is one of the first names on Les Blues squad list. When he’s fit he matches the best ‘Box 2 Box’ players in the world.

Abou’s last sustained season, by his standards, was 12/13, when he amassed a massive 707 minutes in 11 games.




In this fleeting time frame, he showed he was as good as a player who Arsenal fans have been clamouring for to control our central midfield. I am truly gutted that Abou is being released because of what could’ve / should’ve been.


In Abou’s honour, I give you; Never can say goodbye 

I keep thinking that your problems soon are all gonna work out

But there’s that same nagging injury, there’s that anguish, there’s that doubt

It’s your ability to control midfield that we can’t do without

This is why it is so?

Don’t wanna let you go

I never can say goodbye, Abou,

Ohh, ohh, Diaby,

I never can say goodbye

No Abou, No Abou, No Abou, 

I never can say goodbye, Abou,

Ohh, ohh, Diaby,

I never can say goodbye

No Abou, No Abou, No Abou, 


2 – Scholes is at it again.

Following last seasons, ‘In my eyes, Arsenal are a million miles away from winning a title’, rant. Scholes has, yet again jumped on the bandwagon & joined the Ozil / Arsenal baiting society.

Scholes at it again...

Scholes at it again…

This time he claims;

a) Ozil took the easy option in joining Arsenal

b) Mesut is just going through the motions at Arsenal; &

c) That at Real he had a chance of winning league titles & that at Arsenal that isn’t on the cards.


a) Coming to a club that is undergoing another rebuild, this time post RVP/Fabregas, is not the easy option, it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge to have a major role in influencing & shaping the new team. We’ve brought Carzola, Ozil & Sanchez in 3 seasons, 2 truly world class players & 1 as good as. With another worldy, this summer, we will be up with the Chavs, challenging for the title. The easy option would have been staying at Madrid, sitting back & taking the money.


b) Yet another so called expert has missed Ozil’s ability to play in the shadows. As Arsene said,

“He puts a lot of effort in to help the team and he works much harder than his style shows. You can be cheated a little bit by his style of play, because he is fluent, easy, subtle and he does not look like he puts the effort in, but he does.” 

Subtle yet effective...

Subtle. Effective…

The stats don’t lie, since his return from injury; Mesut has averaged 10.84 km/game & racked up 3 goals & 7 assists. Not bad for someone who apparently doesn’t give a sh!te.


c) As stated above, in my opinion we are 1 player away from the Chavs & challenging for the title & at least 2 seasons ahead of Manure into a rebuild. If we are as bad as you claim Mr Scholes where does that leave your beloved Brand United?


Bye bye Abou & ta ta for now Scholesy, well at least until next seasons unoriginal rant 😉


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2 Responses to It’s goodbye to Diaby and I wish it was goodbye to Scholes

  1. Cosmickid March 10, 2015 at 4:20 pm #

    Have to agree about Diaby, its a pity cause he is such a gifted player. I personally don’t listen to anything Paul Scholes says anymore; i’d be more concerned with United if I were him. Have a look at my blog here @ for more reaction to the United win

  2. Coward Scoles March 10, 2015 at 4:24 pm #

    Scholes is a bitter twat, suffering an appalling ginger complex and a short-man complex.
    The ONLY player in recent memory who took the easy option is SCHOLES!!!!

    1. He stayed at safe better-than-any-others United and never challenged himself at another club.
    2. He never played abroad.
    3. He QUIT playing for England – because unlike United, they weren’t very good! COWARD!
    4. He QUIT ManU when the likes of Chelsea & City usurped them! – COWARD!

    Paul Scholes – YOU are the one who ALWAYS took the easy option, you sad pathetic little man.
    Now fuck off and get off the television you attention seeking moron. You hated media when you were a player – but now that you’re a nobody you can’t get off the press & TV. You are the Katie Hopkins of football, you idiot!

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