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Jack Coq

With Jack Wilshere now back in full training and rumoured to be involved in the squad tomorrow I am particularly pleased to hear this news.

With Ramsey and Arteta out it leaves a gaping hole for us in the deep-lying role beside the defensive midfielder. We have recently gone with Rosicky & Cazorla in the two roles just ahead but as shown against Leicester we were cut wide open and very exposed through the middle.

Although Ramsey has performed at a very underwhelming level this year, his energy is always so crucial, and we missed that defensively in midweek.

Jack Wilshere is Aaron Ramsey’s most natural challenger, and his return has come very timely indeed.

Although it’s upsetting that we never have a fully fit squad, in some ways, it can be a blessing because Arsene’s hand is often forced into picking a team that sometimes works out more balanced.

For example, when Ramsey & Wilshere were both fit he tried to play them together and for various reasons it just couldn’t work. I think it may do in the future when they tactically develop but at the moment it is, not a good idea, and the player is always at his best without the other.

Jack and Ramsey

Another example is Coquelin’s emergence. Had Arteta stayed fit, I’m not sure Coquelin would still even be an Arsenal player. He was neglected earlier this year then sent on loan that I’m sure may have become permanent in January if we weren’t in desperate need for extra bodies.

The point is I don’t think Arsene Wenger has a clue of what his strongest XI is if all were fit and I don’t even include Diaby. So the cries about how good ‘we could be’ if we had everyone fit is always irrelevant to me in all honesty.

Back to the topic I believe Wilshere could do well alongside Coquelin. The last season Jack was at his best is when he had Song alongside him in his breakthrough campaign. This was before Alex Song developed the belief that he was a creative midfielder, the more disciplined Song.

I always feel Wilshere needs protection alongside him to prevent him from being targeted as he so often is. Usually, he has Arteta, who physically can’t hold his own, Flamini, who plays the false footballer position and Ramsey, who ventures forward a lot. This usually leaves Jack as the ‘hard man’ in midfield, and he often comes out damaged from duels.

Wilshere has had an active season so far as those with long memories will testify to, and I for one am hopeful that it continues.

Let’s hope he gets a few minutes tomorrow because he may be vital to the rest of our campaign.

Jack Wilshere

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