Ahead of City today continuity is surely the key – Who’d have thought it would be Coquelin plus 1?

As the Premier league champions await us on a tricky away trip to City, it’s key that we look to get something out the game to really get our season rolling for the 800th time.
Personally I try to no longer get my hopes up for games against the big teams because so many times we have been let down and left disappointed by the club’s showings on the day. I’d rather expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised by a contrasting outcome. This fixture however is usually one of our more favoured ones, we usually do okay against City in comparison to our abysmal displays against United or Chelsea, so I do hold a little hope of course as I always will do.

When I speak on continuity I refer to our latest strategies in recent weeks, it’s vital Wenger doesn’t make wholesale changes to the team with the fresh availability of Ramsey, Ozil, Theo etc…
Even Ospina in goal, although I have my doubts about whether he’s the long-term solution for the No. 1 jersey we’ve had 2 clean sheets in 2 so there’s no need to tinker with that.
Decision time Coq plus 1 of 3?

Decision time Coq plus 1 of 3?

Rosicky has been brilliant since coming back but they’ve been home games where we’ve been purely dominant in possession, this will be a different test and unfortunately bringing back Flamini alongside Coquelin may be sensible to offer extra security. Otherwise Ramsey’s energy may prove useful but Wenger will need to drill him into disciplined performance, he’s lacked that a lot this year.
Welbeck’s injury is a blow because it’d be useful to have a quick front 3 with the added work rate he provides for the team to allow us to hit them on the break. Pressure’s on Giroud to make the ball stick in attack and bring the likes of the Ox and Alexis into the game because they may prove to be our biggest chance of getting anything from it, the latter especially.
Need Giroud to step up in a big away match and dominate

Need Giroud to step up in a big away match and dominate

Right back is obviously an issue we have to look at to choose between Bellerin and Chambers. I prefer Bellerin as a full-back, I really think Calum’s future is central but Mertesacker will need as much support as possible on that right side of the defence and Hector Bellerin ventures forward a lot. Mertesacker hasn’t only missed Koscielney’s presence but Sagna’s too. As the latter got older he got forward a lot less and little wonder why we were so solid defensively last year. Chambers could probably be the wisest option as our most defensive right-back but that could still go either way.
Hector the better RB but Chambers solidity perhaps today

Hector the better RB but Chambers solidity perhaps today

It’s a big call for the boss to make that’s for sure, let’s hope he makes the right one.
My Team would be:
I still wouldn’t mind seeing Rosicky start, he has always been a big game player and his energy is useful.
I’m a tad pessimistic about this one but then again you’ve always got a chance when you have Alexis Sanchez in your side!
Coincidentally Aguero is fit again just in time to try an torment our defence!


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2 Responses to Ahead of City today continuity is surely the key – Who’d have thought it would be Coquelin plus 1?

  1. Victor Thompson January 19, 2015 at 11:44 am #

    Your selection wasn`t far away.

    Brilliant result. Shows what they could have done previously with the right game plan.

    Santi played his best game ever. I hope this was a blueprint for our next big games.

    Did you read Steven Howard`s article in the Sun? We did a perfect job on City yet he only rates Santi 8 and no one else over 7. He also says that Monreal cynically collapsed in a heap, thus supporting Pellegrini`s statement that it was not a penalty. The replays show that it was Kompany who was cynical. He was beaten for pace and he knew he could not risk putting his foot in so he deliberately blocked Monreal`s run and leaned into him hoping that the ref would not see it.

    How many times have you read “Arsenal had 60% possession but Chelsea/Utd./City controlled the game. They gave Arsenal a lesson”. When the shoe is on the other foot, we are damned with faint praise.

    • Dave Seager January 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm #

      Well he is an idiot then I guess.

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