Dear Santa, please give Arsene Wenger his “thing” back at Arsenal


Dear Santa,

I have been quite a good lad this year: I’ve been patient despite the fact that we have given away 11 points so far in the Premier League; I’ve looked for positives in troubled times, even when we conceded late, late goals in the most predictable way ever; I kept the faith when we made Manchester United look like a decent side and finally stayed away from one of the most poisonous and ridiculous debate ever – the Wenger In v. Wenger Out one.

Most important, I didn’t throw punches to anyone who was disagreeing with me – which is quite remarkable, these days.

I guess I earned the right to compile my wish list.

As I want to be the nicest lad ever, my wish list won’t include any present for me; I would like you to take care of some disadvantaged people I like.

I know a group of men whose health is very poor; despite their young age, these men are often in troubles with their muscles and bones, some of them could barely walk in the last 12 months;

These men look strong, sharp and brave but they surely hide a terrible secret – I couldn’t find any logical explanation to all the health problems they are affected by.

It’s been the same story for at several years, Santa: doctors, professors, Nobel Prize winners ventured into the quest for an answer to why these men are so frail, but they have all failed.

One day they are jogging in the park, kicking a ball around happily, and the next day they wear a protective boot; one day they are discharged from a hospital and the next they are undergoing surgery.

It’s very painful to watch, Santa.


Every other week you see someone limping or being carried off on a stretcher – none deserves this kind of life.

Please, protect them if you can and make your best effort to keep them healthy – for a few months at least.

Shall that be too much to ask, it would be very nice if all those problems could affect a small part of these men at a time, not everyone at the same moment as it seems to happen since forever.

Dear Santa, I also know an old man who is in deep struggles these days.

I can’t take it anymore; it is way too hard to see him standing alone, in silence, with his arms raised.

From time to time he kicks a plastic bottle, then he sits down in despair.

I know very little about him despite having seen him every weekend for the past 18 years; he wears a very odd coat, something similar to a sleeping bag whose zip is broken.

I didn’t dare approaching him directly, people who know this old man say “he lost it”.

I don’t know what they’re talking about but it sounds very serious.

Please give this man his “thing” back, whatever it is – I believe you would make many people very happy.

That’s all, Santa-boy.

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