The Media Needs To Back Off Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp v2.0


Mesut Özil. What have you done to the media? One of the best players in world football only two years ago now called a total flop in the Premier League and Arsenal.

One day you are called the best, the next you’re a total failure. Oh my what a generation.

When Arsene Wenger signed Özil from Real Madrid on transfer deadline day, no one in the world was expecting it. The player is the best playmaker in world football, a star in Real Madrid and only 24 years of age then.

But what has Özil done wrong to get that much stick from the media? And even some Arsenal fans?

As a player, Mesut isn’t the kind who goes up and down the field tirelessly, he doesn’t have the speed Ronaldo or Messi have and he doesn’t have a great right foot.

What he does have though is an exquisite vision. His pass is top class, his touch is quality and he is so unselfish sometimes it backfires. Last season Mesut Özil was the reason Arsenal performed so well throughout, he gave the club and the players belief that they can fight with the best again and compete on all fronts.

Mesut Özil is now what Dennis Bergkamp was when he joined Arsenal in 1995.


The non flying Dutchman was top quality but the Serie A just didn’t suit him, so he (surprisingly) decided to come and play for Arsenal. At the time Arsenal had good players, but were technically far off what Bergkamp had to offer.

When he arrived, he gave the whole club a breath of fresh air and changed the way Arsenal played their football. He made David Dein and the board go out and risk bringing in Arsene Wenger to help and build a great football team around Dennis Bergkamp.

Dennis turned out to be a club legend, a player who believed that Arsenal FC was more than just a club, it was a family and a club with huge potential. No one is bigger than Arsenal of course, but when you realize players like Dennis Bergkamp and Mesut Özil wore the red and white, you just have to be extremely proud.

Mesut Özil is more than a football player for Arsenal Football Club, he is a breath of fresh air, the key to a successful generation where Arsenal can compete for the best players in world football.

We all know Mesut isn’t at his best, but when he reaches his potential we all know he is top quality, and will silence all his critics just like a lot of other Arsenal players did.

Özil deserves to be applauded, supported and loved because a player of his type is very rare. You don’t find players who would like to create a goal more than score it nowadays, and that explains a lot about the lad.

Arsenal’s 2013-2014 team won the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield, something a lot of other squads couldn’t do.

Lets all be supportive and wish Mesut Özil a fast recovery.

I am sure the media would love seeing Özil back on the field.

Daniel Baz

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2 Responses to The Media Needs To Back Off Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp v2.0

  1. JuliusCesar October 17, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

    Ozil should start showing his worth and play to his potential. Arsenal paid 42.5m for him! He should improve his body language and show everyone why they paid that much money for him…

  2. SBOBET February 26, 2015 at 3:58 am #

    He is legends really.
    And i like him very much.

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