Will Danny Welbeck FLOP at Arsenal? Here are 10 reasons why he CAN fire the Gunners to glory

Danny Welbeck

New boy Danny Welbeck has been a particularly hot topic amongst supporters and neutrals ever since he secured a deadline day move to Arsenal.

I’ve encountered a real split in opinion amongst most Gooners which is something I can understand given his unconvincing history however I believe this transfer in particular was superb work from the boss…. or whoever wrapped up the deal as rumours persist.

One thing that can’t change at the moment is that he is now an Arsenal player and deserves the full support of the club as we all have a mutual ambition for success. I will enlist 10 reasons as to why we should back the young man.

1. Coming From United

I’m pretty happy about getting a player from Manchester United that isn’t Mikael Silvestre.

Why? I hate the club that’s why. I certainly feel a great relief that we’re getting a player from there that would currently consider Arsenal a step up from United, something that’s never really been the case, justified by a former captain and star player opting to leave us for them. It’s funny how things can change so dramatically within two years.

This is probably the closest we’ll come to gaining revenge for the Robin van Persie debacle.

I know you may be reading whilst laughing about the fact that I’m comparing the Dutchman to Danny Welbeck as there’s currently a gulf in class between the two, proven by the pecking order that forced Danny out in the first place. However this doesn’t mean Welbeck can’t make the bigger impact over a prolonged period.

If anything, it looks like RVP’s work at United is nearing its climax upon Radamel Falcao’s arrival alongside Wayne Rooney’s captaincy appointment.

In comparison, Welbeck could give us many years of service, bringing with him a strong pre-David Moyes winning mentality which will always be welcome at Arsenal, that alongside unappreciated ability, which in fact brings me on to my next point…

2. Potential

You don’t graduate from Manchester United’s academy whilst lacking in talent and potential, and Welbeck is no different.

Welbeck was banging in goals left right and centre before breaking into the first team at United. He was a real favourite of Sir Alex Ferguson, which says a lot in itself.

What hindered Welbeck’s progress as a promising striker was the lack of opportunity in playing as a well, you know….striker. Fergie utilised him on the flanks which isn’t something to knock Welbeck with as this same manager has even deployed Wayne Rooney in central midfield, a forward who’s bound to become United’s greatest ever scorer!

Actually says a lot that Fergie would trust such a young player to play out of position even if it was just for his work rate.

Welbeck is a talented individual and exposing his talents may just come down to more opportunity ala Daniel Sturridge.

3. Competition For CF

Well it certainly provides more competition for the central striking role no doubt. We can all agree that this player is an upgrade on the level Yaya Sanogo is currently at whilst he can give Olivier Giroud very healthy competition, also offering a second alternative as a different type of striker (pace, power, running in behind), isn’t this something we’ve been crying out for?

4. Hardworking

Danny made it clear in his first interview as an Arsenal player that ‘he will always give 100%’ that is an attribute you cannot fault, the best thing is that if you know the player you’d believe such words, if Mesut Ozil said this you may be a little sceptical.

His pace and pressing is something that we may find incredibly useful in time, assisted by Alexis Sanchez, who replicates these attributes. I’m certain we’ll be a lot more exciting to watch with this addition, the tempo can certainly be raised in the final third, something even our main forward Giroud struggled to do in the big games.

Danny Welbeck 03

5. English

For better or worse we have to have an added affinity to this player because of his nationality, I don’t make up the rules but hey!

To be fair I’ve been more keen on watching England with the increasing amount of Goners making the team now. To watch players I support on a weekly basis makes it even more encouraging to put faith in England.

Welbeck has played a key part in Roy’s tenure and as last night proved still is doing so to devastating effect.

It’s nice for Arsenal too that they’re building a British core, maybe just maybe we could see our players commit to the club long term instead of whoring themselves out to the highest bidding rivals. English players seem to understand the stature of the club a lot more than foreign players.

Yes by the way we are just going to pretend that Ashley Cole never existed now he’s no longer in the country

6. Versatility

Always a useful tool to have in any squad. Although this could be annoying if Arsene Wenger were to persist with him out wide. I wouldn’t put it past Wenger to play Welbeck wide with Alexis or Sanogo up front, but the fact that mixing it up is an option, it’s something to be appreciated.

7. Hungry

One of my favourite things about this signing is that I have the similar feeling I had with another player I previously liked in Sturridge which is that this player has a point to prove.

Being overlooked at a big club when it doesn’t have too much to do with not being good enough to represent them is enough to spur players on to great careers.

I used to say that Welbeck needs to play up front and that he would be good at Spurs or if Everton couldn’t get Romelu Lukaku permanently, he should go there. But it seems that it’s my club where he’ll get the chance and I’m ready to back him.

8. Benefits Mesut

‘Pace, speed, runners that’s what he needs’ something most of us are in agreement with, now if Wenger can play him in his better positions there’ll be no reason why Ozil can’t start to prove why Jose Mourinho called him the best No. 10 in the world.

Mesut knows how to pick out a pass but he has rarely played with the players that can offer the runs, with Theo Walcott being out for as long as he has been. Even Alexis’ runs are quite unpredictable and I see Ozil having a hard time reading them (the understanding will grow overtime of course).

With Welbeck though we’ll get more straightforward runs off the shoulder that Ozil should thrive off. Ozil has always been best in counter-attacking football and Welbeck can play a big part in helping us get back to those ways with his match lasting speed.

9. Nurturing CF’s

If you read my article last week you may find my section touching on Wenger’s more favoured approach in nurturing strikers as opposed to splashing on already made strikers.

Welbeck looks like he could follow the likes of RVP, Adebayor and Thierry Henry in the sense of being ‘misunderstood’ and ‘underrated’ elsewhere but eventually finding themselves with us. He’s certainly under the right coach to succeed.

I’m more optimistic about this signing than I seriously would’ve been with a Falcao for example. There’s always an element of risk attached to these superstar names and a loan just wouldn’t have been ideal. This is a fantastic short and long term investment

Danny Welbeck 02

10. Winners Mentality 

One thing that struck me about Danny’s first interview was his composure. The Arsenal interviewer asked him on what he thinks our prospects are for this season in terms of silverware and Welbeck impressively cooled the hype.

Stating the importance of the ‘next game’ instead of getting too carried away with what might happen in future. I sensed a more calm approach to winning which is something I’m sure Fergie has instilled into him.

He’s played at a very competitive level let’s remember, he’s competed for titles in his short career so may bring a bit of know-how to our front line.

Also he’s a big game player with some of his most threatening performances coming against European powerhouses like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich as well as impressing against Manchester City and ourselves.

It’d be incredibly great if we’ve bagged ourselves a big game striker because we’ve been in great need of one for a while.

If Sanogo’s mobility gave us a decent threat in the mammoth games last year imagine how significantly Welbeck could improve us! Our chances are certainly enhanced with such a player.

These are 10 key reasons why we should show support to our new man and fear little. We haven’t spent a fortune either so less risk is attached to this deal in particular.

Subomi Oguntoyinbo

P.S I wrote this before the England game, so if this doesn’t help convince you I hope last night does!!!


4 Responses to Will Danny Welbeck FLOP at Arsenal? Here are 10 reasons why he CAN fire the Gunners to glory

  1. JD September 10, 2014 at 2:48 pm #

    Nice article.

    Welbeck definitely has talent, but he does have a few rough edges to be worked on. I am hoping that giving him a central role will help with this, allowing him to focus on finishing and composure without having to worry about playing from the wings as he has done at utd recently. He is certainly a better option for us than Sanogo, but hopefully his signing will help to push Sanogo on as well.

  2. faaz opeyemi September 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm #

    Great article subomi. Welbeck has all the attributes of becoming a fear factor that has been lacking in the arsenal team. I hope he hits the ground running.

  3. Rob September 10, 2014 at 3:56 pm #

    A good article, you make some valid points… The most important one being what Welbeck brings to the team and that is explosive pace and his running off the ball.. He’s a big lad as well so can hold up play as well.. We have two of the most creative ball players in the World with Ozil and Cazorla but they need players like Welbeck that they can pick out with precision passing.. My only doubt is Welbeck’s finishing, but he did a nice job on the two goals he got for England the other night.. I’m sure if he gets the service he needs in front of goal, he’ll start banging them in, and the more goals he scores the greater his confidence and finishing prowess becomes.. With Welbeck, Sanchez and Walcott spearheading Arsenal’s offensive play and the likes of play makers such as Ozil and Cazorla feeding them in, we could have team that could do something special this season, and also lets not forget Ramsey and Wilshere who will always pop up in the box to make a nuisance of themselves… Danny Welbeck could be one if the best signings Wenger had ever made… Let’s hope so.

  4. Nuno May 28, 2015 at 9:08 am #

    Well, it’s safe to say that a 25 game 4 goal striker didn’t just flop, e floped in style…LOL

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