Arsenal Deadline Day: Mathieu Flamini proves that a DM is needed more than a striker, while Lukas Podolski would not be missed

Sunday Taught Us Nothing We Don’t Already Know

Alexis Sanchez Leicester

Before I begin, I should inform that I’m currently neither a WOB nor AKB. I have respect for Arsene Wenger but frequently in disagreement with his decisions and I’m sceptical of how far he can take us though I believe the potential exists. That’s just how I feel.

One thing that I will never be able to come to terms with is how we’ll always enter the season one or two key positions short of being on par with Chelsea and Manchester City squad-wise. Everyone but the boss seems to be aware of what we need, it’s like he’s addicted to struggling.

One wonders why we supposedly only pursued Loic Remy after Chelsea were in talks when we’ve had the chance to sign him for months. Chelsea now have three competent forwards in Diegoa Costa, Remy and Didier Drogba who all give them a variety of styles. Costa being the complete package, Remy being able to run off the shoulder which will be a dream for Cesc Fabregas by the way and proven experience on the biggest of stages in Drogba

I won’t get into City’s options because it’s quite depressing but you get the gist…

I’m a fan of Yaya Sanogo, and I believe he’ll come good, I really do but this is one of few promising young players Wenger isn’t nurturing properly, yes he’s getting game time but he’s hardly being eased into the team. He made his debut against Liverpool, deputised against Bayern Munich and started in very decisive games for us last season, it was always a big ask to score in such games.

Credit to him for even coping but now having to depend on him, is a little unfair. Really he should be coming on in games that have already been killed off by a TOP CF and starting in lesser important games to help him grow into things.

He’s well aware of the pressure for our need of goals from our main strikers so any miss will shoot his confidence down, what I like about him is he doesn’t hide he seems to keep going and that’s what makes me believe in his promise and potential.

Mathieu Flamini, Calum Chambers, Mathieu Debuchy, Leicester

Mesut Ozil seemed to be more influential when he moved into the middle and went to the right, it’s just a matter of time before his best form comes I guess a lot of that depends on who we bring in for him.

Like I wrote in mid-week, Alexis Sanchez will give us a lot on the left and we saw that today I like him there and scored his goal

I’m not a fan of Mathieu Flamini whatsoever I like the aggression he brings because we severely lack that but he’s incredibly limited and lacks dominance despite behaving like he doesn’t. Mikel Arteta’s good but we all know the verdict on him.

I’ll be disappointed if we don’t buy a DM, even if we got a striker. I think Lukas Podolski should make way as I just don’t see any use for him at the club anymore. We have better, or wait ‘more suited’ wide players and we have more natural lone strikers. He’d be benefit in a 4-4-2 but we simply can’t apply that tactic due to the influx of No. 10’s.

We’ve left our business way too late and I hope we don’t overpay on the quality that comes in, if any are to even come in!

Issues still remain but the positive is that these incredibly underwhelming results always seem to come at the right time for us. Before it was 8-2 then it was 3-1 to Aston Villa now it’s a draw to a side that I believe have enough to stay up this year (progress!), of course this scoreline can’t be justified but it was going to happen and couldn’t have occurred at a better time as the window closes.

Subomi Oguntoyinbo

2 Responses to Arsenal Deadline Day: Mathieu Flamini proves that a DM is needed more than a striker, while Lukas Podolski would not be missed

  1. Tom September 1, 2014 at 8:13 pm #

    You are fucking mad Sanogoal is the worst player ever to play for Arsenal

  2. Atarah September 1, 2014 at 9:00 pm #

    Shubomi good job,doh I believe Wenger kws best cos that is wot he is bn paid for…manage the team.@Tom came down,u don’t have to insult pple bcos u fink u are a passionate fan…wait and see wot Le Prof will turn Sanogo into. I am sure u said worse things abt Ramsey.

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