‘The only English player who could play for Barcelona’ – a defence of England and Arsenal’s future: Jack Wilshere

Agger Wilshere

Football is about opinions. My opinion is you are wrong, and I am right. Not really. 

But seriously, and I’m being more serious than a Kristen Stewart moody red carpet pout, I’ve seen people suggest that Jack Wilshere is overrated and that opinion is one I can’t agree with.

It’s true Jack hasn’t had the best of it the last couple of seasons. But the kid, and he is a kid, with a couple of kids, has been injured more times than I’ve had pints of Stella Artois and I drink a lot of that Belgian beauty.

Does nobody remember the night that Jack Wilshere, at the age of 12, sucked Barcelona’s eyes out with a display of pure and utter brilliance?

I remember it like yesterday, and that’s not because I watched the game again or anything I swear, but his performance was so good I was telling everybody, in my hyped up, pissed up, state, that Wilshere was the only English player from the island of England who was good enough to get into that Barcelona side.

Now in England we over-hype players more than anyone. I’ve even seen people saying we should take that Manchester United kid who scored two goals the other night to the next 16 World Cups.

Jack Wilshere 13

Jack Wilshere was hyped for a reason. Because he is actually a well good footballer. In fact, the England side should be built round him for the next 10 years even if he’s on crutches because he is simply that good.

Injuries has halted his progress but the last thing we need is people getting on his back as the boy is England’s bright hope for the foreseeable future.

Before Aaron Ramsey had his leg snapped into 54245125 pieces he was coming on strong. His career was getting better and better. Then he had that massive set-back.

Look at Ramsey now. Easily one of the best players in the Premier League and will become a world-class player in no time. The Barcelona players will be talking about his Barca DNA soon.

Wilshere will do the same. He will get over these injuries and become the player he was two years ago. He will become the best English player since Gazza and, in my opinion, will become the most influential player in the England squad too.

Roy Hodgson, despite looking like a turkey, has made the absolute correct decision in taking Wilshere to the World Cup despite his recent injury woes.

Hodgson knows a fit Wilshere is the player to build the England side round and in a couple of years any doubts people had about Jackie boy will be firmly forgotten.

Darren Wright

One Response to ‘The only English player who could play for Barcelona’ – a defence of England and Arsenal’s future: Jack Wilshere

  1. goonashaker May 14, 2014 at 4:58 pm #

    The day english thugs that run most mid-table mediocrity midfields try and play football instead of injuring other players and corrupt english refs start calling fouls fairly, Jack Wilshere will mature into the footballing genius he has the potential to become. Otherwise there is every chance that he will die a death from a thousand metatarsal injuries.
    the league has too many morons for england to actually have a team of great footballers. This is not a problem with youngsters not getting opportunities, those youngsters who get the opportunities are thugs and shit kickers who graduated from schools for children with special needs.
    The good ones are kicked to an early retirement.

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