Sod the pundits who say we cannot win it – A comedic look at why we can. Subtitle – City’s Waterworld to be stunned by Poldi’s My Left Foot!!

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

Transfer window in full flow?            Check!!

People losing their shit??                   Check!!

Jose has us all wondering and talking about him??                      Check!!

The media having a little pop at Utd, (only little now, not much)??               Check!!

Our own fans giving out about us more than the media are??                        Check!!

Right what I mean by, the window being in full flow, is not that there’s 10 transfers every day, too many to keep up with. No. Too many bullshitters, bullshitting, yes? There’s not a whole lot of movement as of yet….by anyone, but of course, it’s only us that aren’t moving and buying, according to our own.

Jose allegedly giving his future job interview a helping hand, if the stories are to be believed. (Since I started writing, it appears to be happening)  Why? Is another writing piece altogether, and one I don’t want to even try to write, as it’s pissed me off no end? How? Why? Aaaarrgghhh. Mata, please don’t do it. It’s all going far too smoothly for me. How come, if it were us bidding 37m, then you can be sure someone else would immediately bid 38m, and so on.

Man Utd continue to falter, but the media keep taking it easy on them. If we were going through the same predicament as they are, then I’m sure we’d have broken cannons, cartoon Wengers, pictures of empty shelves in trophy cabinets, photos of Brasso for shining silver, etc. Not to mention a never ending line up of ex-players raring to put the boot in too.

   wenger simpsons

 It bugs me how exactly they still have the power to frighten off the media, considering that lecherous whiskey nose scrotum faced haggard isn’t in charge anymore.

It also bugs me why the media still say we can’t win the league. Their reasoning? None. They’re asked “can Arsenal win it?”, and they simply reply “no”, then when asked “why?” they simply answer “I don’t think they can, just a feeling, they’ll fall short.”

Well Jaysus, that’s a great argument. That’s really made it worthwhile paying my TV licence. Tramps like Durham and Lawrenson and Hanson and co. with arguments without any thought or back up, and being swallowed by a whole lot of mugs listening/watching.

The media is one thing, but even worse is the amount of our own, already writing us off. What the actual fuck? Is it from all the recent false dawns, repetitive nearlys and if onlys that have led them to such cuntery. Or is it the repitition from the 24 hours a day, skank press getting into their heads that’s done it? I don’t know, but whatever the reasoning, I say, catch a grip, you gave us no chance in August but we’re still top of the league with 16 games left. Stop looking for the reasons why we can’t win it, and start looking at the reasons why we can, or at least might.

Imagine the same crap in other situations in life. As its Oscar time, imagine Jonathan Ross doing Film 2014, in the build up to the Oscars, and acting in the same way.

“Hello, good evening and welcome to Film 2014. We’ll be taking a look at all of the movies who have been nominated for The Best Film category. All except  Arsene Wenger’s epic  ‘Ashburton Red n Whites’, as I’ve a feeling that it won’t win, because most of his last collaborations have faded away to a bad ending in recent movies, and I feel that this movie will be exactly the same. Even though he’s assembled a much better cast, a few top class actors, and a really good director in Steve Bould, I still don’t think it’ll win, so I don’t think I’ll bother watching it.” “For me, the winner will come from either “The Sheikh’s Play Thing” or “The Oligarch and the Tramps”. “True blockbusters, hundreds of millions put into production, and that’s good enough for me.”

Well sunshine Waterworld had £500m thrown at it, but My Left Foot won, and was made for pennies.

Beyond the horizon lies the secret of a new beginning - Yes in N5

Beyond the horizon lies the secret of a new beginning – Yes in N5

Or a food critic refusing to eat in Arsene’s restaurant when judging for a competition, as he skimped on ingredients over recent years in order to pay for the beautiful new establishment he now runs. Even though, he now has some of the finest ingredients and chef’s and front of house in the business. Immediately ruling him out and going to the Saudi and Russian restaurants, where they have too many cooks, really good ingredients, but too many, barely enough room on the plate for each of them, which can lead to an unbalanced dish, and in the Russian place a line up of staff that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Porridge.

Look all I’m saying is, why are we writing ourselves off? Most were in August, never believed we’d enough to sustain a challenge. Now we’re top. Each game we follow the football scores live, each 3 points is a step closer to the end. Each week on top is a week closer to the finishing line. A repeat of the results that have gone so far would see us win the thing. And yes that includes defeat by Utd, City and drawing with Everton and Chelsea. The same results could happen from now until the end and it can still be enough to win it. As has been pointed out, if we are still close to the top at the end of March, then we’ve a really good shout, as our run in, including our record against the lower teams in the table will see us through. We play 7 of the bottom 10 at home, and we’ve only dropped 2 points this year so far against teams in the bottom 10, and most of those games were away from home.

We will score without Giroud but can they not concede with Kompany?

We will score without Giroud but can they not concede with Kompany?

So regardless of any incoming signings or not, I believe we have enough to do it. People are pining for a striker, but I think our system doesn’t need the 20+ goals a season man; we need the link up player like Giroud, to bring in our amazing midfield into play. A midfield which is taking turns at winning games for us, sharing the goals around. If one or two aren’t playing well, then another steps up. Everyone especially pining for a striker especially since Theo got injured, but I’ll leave you with this. Is Theo the biggest blow we could have suffered? No. A loss, most definitely. For me Per would be the greater loss. Even looking at City and all the money spent, they’ve just had Aguero out and kept winning, but if they lose Kompany again then they’ll be in trouble. We’ve played games without Giroud, or with Giroud playing shite, and won. If we’d lost Per I’d be more likely to give up the ghost on the title. So with all the talk of signing strikers and needing strikers, both we and Man City would be fucked if we lost our main man at the back, yes The Centre Half, not The Centre Forward. But you won’t hear the media say, I don’t think City will win it cos if they lose Kompany then….. But you will hear Arsenal won’t win it because if they lose Giroud then….. go figure.

Anyways, just a bit of a waffle for you to chew on,

Til the future,


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One Response to Sod the pundits who say we cannot win it – A comedic look at why we can. Subtitle – City’s Waterworld to be stunned by Poldi’s My Left Foot!!

  1. Richard January 26, 2014 at 11:35 am #

    Iv read many opinions written by many blog owner & it makes a refreshing change to hear from a realist. There can only be one winner of any cup so there for there are all ways more losers than winners the fact that with all of the restrictions the Arsenal have had since we took over the new stadium 3rd or 4th place has been bloody amazing. Keep up the good work

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