The statistics that prove Arsenal may be crowned this year’s Premier League champions, but can they handle a treble?

 Will this be the year?

Olivier Giroud 21

The title itself would have made clear what this article is all about. I am going to try to answer this question for you keeping in mind everything that my mind is capable of keeping.

It’s January 16th, and we are already past the halfway mark in the Barclays Premier League. 21 games have been played by all the participating teams, and as it stands, the club based in Holloway, London, though with just a point’s lead, are top of the league table.

Not many pundits saw that coming when the season kicked off. And I will be honest with you, even though every cell in my 133-pound body wished and prayed for something like this to happen, I wasn’t very sure it would. Going eight seasons without something big to smile about really does start to make you doubt things.

Even some of the players decided they have had enough and went on to leave the club. But the rest of the team, the boss, and of course the fans, hung in there through all the downs. The lads kept fighting, and learning, and improving season after season. And the way things stand now, it looks very likely that this might just be the season when Arsenal get back to winning ways again!

Arsenal’s season so far has been nothing short of delightful. If you are in any way related to the club, I know you will be all smiles reading this (metaphorically).

Apart from that opening day defeat at home against Aston Villa, and the defeat at the Etihad, they haven’t really looked back, and the result is pretty loud and quite clear:

1. Arsenal have sat at the top of the table for majority of the season (so far).

2. Arsenal have the most wins in the league along with Manchester City. Both have won 15 times.

3. They share the record of conceding the fewest goals this season along with Chelsea and Everton, only allowing 19 goals in their own net.

4. Arsenal have kept nine clean sheets too.

5. They have failed to score on only two occasions this season. Liverpool and Manchester City also share this stat.

6. And the Gunners have the highest points per game in the league. Their score is 2.29.

The path has been nicely set for Arsenal having started the season beautifully and all they need now is a little consistency to keep the good run of games going.

Arsenal Villa

Looking at the team, I do feel really confident. The defence has been very strong with Bacary Sagna, Kieran Gibbs, Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker at their best ever. Wojciech Szczesny has also stood up in his role as the Arsenal number one and made a few very important saves this season.

Our midfield is by far the best in the whole of England and has been getting us the goals regularly. Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, and especially Aaron Ramsey, have been absolutely sensational. Mesut Ozil, I think, needs a little more time to blend in but nobody doubts what he is capable of. Mathieu Flamini’s contribution has been vital in supporting the back four. I still have trouble believing we brought him in as a free agent. Well done Arsene Wenger!

Up front, Olivier Giroud has finally got his goalscoring boots on and his ability to hold defenders is amazing. He has set up a few goals too. And Nicklas Bendtner hasn’t disappointed when given a chance either.

Theo Walcott’s loss does hurt the team but with the likes of Serge Gnabry, Tomas Rosicky, Lukas Podolski and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain available, we might be able to do without him for the remainder of the season. Get well soon, Theo.

Arsenal currently find themselves in the Premier League title race, FA Cup fourth round and the Champions League round of 16. Saying that they might win all three would be me being over optimistic. But that is what their performance this season has brought back in the team, and in the fans, optimism.

The competition is fierce, but the team looks well prepared for a fight until the end. And trust me, if we do win a trophy, it would be the perfect way to silence all our critics and everyone else who gave up on the club (you know what I mean).

Well, that’s it. I have penned down all my thoughts for you. Now coming back to the initial question, will this be the year for Arsenal?

Long answer made short, Yes, I feel this will be the year!

-A proud Gooner who is looking forward to seeing a new trophy in the Arsenal trophy room come the season end.

Abhinav Pratik

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3 Responses to The statistics that prove Arsenal may be crowned this year’s Premier League champions, but can they handle a treble?

  1. Galway Gooner January 16, 2014 at 4:32 pm #

    Only worry for me is up front. I don’t yet share your optimism on Giroud, a good and very willing striker but I don’t think he has his shooting boots on – 8 goals in the Premier League for a striker who’s team are top of the league is a pretty poor return. I know he brings others into play etc etc but with the top 3 teams all now showing consistency it may come down to how we do at home to City and away to Chelsea. Is he good enough to win these games for us when chances are at a premium? I don’t know…..

  2. rizal January 16, 2014 at 4:42 pm #

    If Giroud get injured and we were left with no striker just like in 2006/7, Arsene need to fix this in this month, if no long term targer, I don’t mind barbatov but that still could cost in total around 8M for his 2 years of service which I think Arsene would not do, but to win or not for afc, is just an hair line of difference. Rarely a team win PL without a proven 20+ goals scorer.

  3. mike January 16, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

    Our squad is not good enough to go for three trophies at once..
    we must remember our performance when we ran three big games in a row,
    the first hudle, the liverpool-dortmund-manunited..jumped it quite well..
    but the second one, the naples-mancity-chelsea…..haha.
    we have to sacrifice one or two competitions in order to actually win something.
    Somehow we have two more hudles to jump, mostly on feb and march, and I really think we have to sacrifice the FAcup or the champions league.
    It would be great to win against the munich but let us be realistic, I suggest we win at home, lose at the allianz and let the munich go up by goal difference, so we can keep up the good spirit AND save our breath

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