‘Inevitable chokers’ Arsenal hit back at Match of the Day critics by moving five points clear at the top

Week Seventeen – Five Points Clear, that’s all that matters

Mesut Ozil 15

The day before the Hull game I was talking to someone who also writes about Arsenal and we both agreed how difficult it can be to write when things are going well.

That may sound a bit ridiculous, but when there are problems – or what people perceive as problems at least – it seems everyone has to have their own opinion on them.

Then there are those seemingly incapable of forming an opinion of their own, who then take on someone else’s “in” opinion, in turn bandwagons and factions are formed, which in turn causes counter-bandwagons and counter-factions to be formed.

This makes it easier to write about, either aligning yourself with whatever side you are on, or from a more objective, observational point of view.

At the moment though, bar a few who are seemingly permanently pre-menstrual, it seems that we are all feeling similar feelings.

There are the usual debates over team selection and football matters of course, but these are part and parcel of football, always have been and always will be.

As much as I hate people calling a player “shit” when they are clearly not, it’s not like it’s anything new, and if someone has taken their dislike for a player too far in such public forums as we do these days, then a lot of it is just face-saving agenda driven crap, which is best either ignored or sniggered at.

This takes me back to my original point – I feel uncomfortable writing that last bit, as I don’t want to look like I’m picking out a small minority and making an issue out of it (I don’t think I was anyway, if you look at it in context).

Anyway, it seems there is a general feeling that we are all a lot more focused on the football. I doubt the words “Hull” and “excited” have ever been mentioned in the same sentence as often as they have in the last few days.

Winning football matches breeds that excitement and focus, and beating Hull would see us starting The December of Death in the perfect way.

There was a major buzz going around after the win at Cardiff took us temporarily seven points clear, you could almost feel the huge surge of optimism rushing through the Arsenal fan base.

It was difficult not to get carried away, but the best way to enjoy that feeling is to literally just enjoy it.

This seems to make it easier to relax once that initial feeling has passed, and I feel we are all just now looking forward to the next game, not getting too carried away.

I think we are all well aware that The December of Death is going to be our biggest test so far, just as Nightmare November was to be before it.

It really is great to see us all focusing on the same things, be it taking each game as it comes, or getting increasingly amused and/or irritated at the ridiculous match day “pundits” writing off our chances and belittling our season so far.
Arsene’s on their case now anyway…

Arsenal 2 Hull 0


“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened…”

Obi-Wan Kenobi, after the Death Star destroyed the planet Alderaan.

As I didn’t attend this game, I was busy doing some domestic chores when I felt a shudder go through me, the kind of feeling I imagine Obi-Wan felt.

Once I’d removed the marigolds to check my phone, it became apparent this disturbance in the force had been caused by the announcement that Nicklas Bendtner was to start against Hull.

Not quite on the level of the destruction of an entire planet, but of course the Twitter reaction was on a level of something a whole lot worse than that.

Then, guess what? He only went and scored! Inside two minutes!
“The voices that cried out in terror suddenly silenced….”


Seriously though, we all know there are many factors to this situation, but as we are all being sensible now, enjoying the moment, taking each game as it comes and all that, I think we can look at it this way – Bendtner started, scored, had a decent game and put a decent shift in, and Olivier Giroud got a well deserved rest.

Nobody died, no planets were destroyed, and we are still top of the league.

As uncomfortable as the Bendtner situation is, let’s also take that one game at a time rather than partake among the mass betting in UK. I’m going to leave it at that.

As far as the rest of the game went, we controlled the game from the moment we went a goal up, and never looked in any real trouble at all.

Mesut Özil scored with a delicious finish from an equally delicious Aaron Ramsey pass early in the second half to effectively kill off the game.

A perfect start to the December of Death, and a sign of the growing maturity and professionalism in our approach to games such as these.

We made another couple of changes too, and Carl Jenkinson set up Bendtner’s goal, which will hopefully help with his confidence, and Nacho Monreal had a great game I thought, to add to some impressive cameos of late.

On to Match of the Day then, and as I said earlier, Arsene Wenger is on to them now.

A fact obviously not lost on Gary Lineker, who mentioned it before our game was shown, with one of those smug little grins and snorty wanky laughs that make you want to kick him in the throat.


Yes, Gary you and your cronies constant dismissal of our title credentials have finally got to Wenger.

Yeah, like fuck they have, big ears.

All Arsene has done is basically called you a bunch of cunts. Robbie Fowler became the first “pundit” to have the bottle to say yes, we can win the league, and that looking at form so far we have been the best team in the league.

Not rocket science is it, Gary?

Especially when it takes a scabby faced Charlie head scouser to point it out to you, bearing in mind he was still leaking semen from watching the Liverpool game a bit earlier.

Alan Shearer is still sticking to what he has said all along, apparently. While Robbie was just sticking to his seat.

Breaking – Police are looking for any information as to the whereabouts of Robbie Fowler – last seen being bundled into the back of a van outside the MOTD studios by this man.


Arsenal 1 Everton 1 A Decent Point

Mathieu Flamini 16

In the cold light of day this could turn out to be a decent point.

Everton were the best team we have faced in the league at home this season, I thought, and while a few players were maybe a bit below par, the fact is we have increased our lead at the top this weekend.

Not as much as we might have hoped, but at the end of the day it’s games like these that show the fighting qualities we have at the moment.

It was extremely gutting not to take all three points after going ahead late in the game, but teams below us lost points this weekend to weaker opposition than Everton, so they will be more disappointed than us.

Or at least they should be.

I have noticed a few little gripes and moans surface after the game, but I refer you to my earlier point regarding that.

Five points clear at this stage of the season is something to be positive about, simple as that.

If only that Giroud shot had gone in at the end though…

Oh, and at least I managed to do this….


I didn’t get to go to the game yesterday, due to making an appearance as Father Christmas at a church children’s party (fuck off, it was for the kids), but it just so happens I had some presents left over in my sack (again, fuck off).

As I have no use for them, I thought we could donate them to a good cause.

As last Monday was Cyber Monday, I’ve decided that this Monday is Tosser Monday. A day in which we donate presents to the biggest tossers in football.

I’ve gone further than that, because I love you all, and I’ve created a special little game for you….

Match the Prick to the Present


Another big week coming up, let’s try and enjoy it, eh?

Up the Arsenal

Darren Berry

5 Responses to ‘Inevitable chokers’ Arsenal hit back at Match of the Day critics by moving five points clear at the top

  1. Justin December 9, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    He’s a brainless Manc. Nothing changes. I’d have just pointed out that he should have know the difference betweeen the use of “their” and “there”.

    • Darren Berry AFC December 9, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

      I did actually pull him up on it. Look at my reply to him! 🙂

  2. Justin December 9, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    OK. I’m a daft southerner, known not know!

  3. L December 9, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    Good stuff as always Darren.

    Only one slight thing: I actually took Lineker’s comments on MOTD as directed towards primarily Hansen and Shearer and if anything agreeing with Arsene. This is not always a popular opinion but I think he is mostly unbiased and factual and most often does a fine job as a host but the amount of shit spouted by the likes of the two Alans, Mark Lawrenson and such is making Lineker seem far worse than he is.

  4. Darren Berry AFC December 9, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    I get what you mean but I think Lineker eggs them on a bit, and that smarmy, smug look he has just makes me want to punch him!

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